Should We Be Concerned That There is a Zombie Preparedness Page at the CDC Website?

They say it was all kind of a joke. And, as we all know, the CDC is usually a laugh riot.

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  1. I’m concerned they have a website in the first place. Given their propensity toward rank political opportunism it concerns me greatly.

  2. Non-story.
    They have had Z-day planning for a long time.
    It’s also a basic scenario to get new folks in the preparation frame of mind.
    Easy scenario with set goals and known hostile force

  3. Thank God!

    I’m so glad that there is a plan to follow in the event that the zombie brained congressional members being held within the fence around the D.C, Capitol escape!

    Pray they remain contained.

  4. Season 1, episode 6 of The Walking Dead:

    They go to the CDC, get no help, are almost killed by a government moron scientist.
    The CDC gets blown to bits! YES! I cheered, I cried!

    Oh, and ‘TS-19’ was eerily similar to ‘Covid-19’…yet filmed 10 years ago!
    S P O O K Y

  5. Does CDC also have a Klingon Invasion Preparedness Page? And surely the CDC has a page about the imminent Imperial Stormtrooper Attack on this “fat, dumb, happy country of ours” (The Caine Mutiny, Herman Wouk).

    The Vampire Apocalypse, Big Foot Uprising, Wolfmen Rebellion…CDC better get busy and start earning the taxpayers largesse.

  6. I used this page as the basis of a quarterly safety briefing at my reserve unit. It provided a decent set of graphics, and the lesson was setting up a YOYO You’re On Your Own” pack for your household and keeping important documents in a central folder in the event of an evacuation.
    The zombie craze inspired them to reach out and provide this instruction set up.

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