Shove we much!

MSNBC’s Al Sharpton shoves Fox News reporter.

sharpton pushes FOX reporter

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  1. The POS would have had to gotten his sorry ass off the floor after I elbowed him in in the middle of his ugly face. Someone needs to beat the living shit out of this racist worthless excuse for a human. I volunteer.

  2. From the Comments:
    “Can anyone show an instance where adding Sharpton to a situation improved it?
    I’d push him back and tell him to pay his damn taxes, punk.”

  3. A litle too much acting me thinks. Diminishs the fact that that scumbag racist crook is taking control right in front of our eyes. I mean he can barely lift a Crack pipe let alone push someone over.

  4. Al is involved, this must be a race case. I’m trying to discern if it was the bolt in the back of the van, or the person who was beating the bolt with his head that is racist.

  5. Meh, just taking individual liberties.

    No one got killed. No one got raped. Hell, maybe he could show up at the NFL draft and provide some common sense advice to the football players. #Potheads

  6. His head is too big for his shrunken, emaciated body.

    “Hey, Al. Unstaple some stomach and have a cheeseburger. Yeah, we can find somebody else to pay for it.”

  7. I would have LOVED to see Geraldo facing off with Sharpton and have this happen. Though to be honest, Geraldo did man up while out in the crowd. I thought some brothers were going to pound him – but he didn’t back down a bit.
    Seriously, Sharpton was directed there by the white house. It’s obvious as hell.

  8. what Czar said!

    File assault charges and don’t let the racist shitweasel slither out of it.

    Then start a grass-roots, mass campaign, complaining to MSNBC, demanding that they fire their asshole employee Sharpton. I thought journalism was supposed to mean you report on the story, YOU DON’T BECOME THE STORY!

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