Shriek Don’t Fail Me Now!


Woman Breaks Record For Longest Anti-Trump Shriek [VIDEO]

A liberal anti-Trump protester screamed for two minutes straight in the middle of a pro-Trump rally.

While people rallied in favor of President Donald Trump, a female anti-Trumper stood in the middle of the crowd, screaming her head off.


The girl held her middle fingers up, taking a break from screaming to chant “No Trump! No KKK! No Fascist USA!” and “CUBA! CUBA!”

Trump supporters eventually got tired of her and confronted her.


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  1. I just love when people who accomplish nothing in life protest those who have made a massive positive impact on our country

  2. This is the democrat party for you. This unhinged bint epitomizes every loonie lefty. Most liberals are shreiking, but inside their heads. Some waddle out of their shells and expose themselves for being the rudest, most intolerent, non-coexisting hypocrite assholes that make up the majority of their party.

  3. At a concert in a shed venue once, a classic girl screamer sat in front of me, screaming, when the act came on. The guy in front of her asked politely, please stop. The second time he added “if you don’t stop, I’m gonna slug you.” As she continued to scream, the guy turned around and belted her a good one. Screaming stopped immediately.

    That would have worked in this situation.

  4. Maybe it’s not as cathartic, but I would have stood right in front of her, looking right in her eyes with the most bored and unimpressed expression on my face. Her rant would have to end sometime, and when it did, I’d move along without a word.

    They are looking for a response — ANY response. They don’t care if it comes in the form of an affirming cheer or a punch to the face. With either response, they know they matter — that they affect others and their voices are being heard.

    The most effective strategy against them is to let them know their efforts mean and do nothing, and their voices are no more noticed than the sound of a running refrigerator.

  5. I remember my two year-old reacted a similar way when she didn’t get her way. We sent her to her room until her tantrum was over. She learned at the age of two her behavior was unacceptable. The outburst never occurred again.

    The shrieker’s snowflake parents must be proud of their mentally deficient child’s 15 minutes of fame.

  6. Are we sure that’s a female? Hard to tell nowadays. Could be one of those pasty, overweight males who identify as female.

  7. Her parents should really have given her some attention growing up. Now she’s an intolerant, rude snot.

  8. Put a bag over her head and beat her with a black pipe.
    About 2′ long.
    Schedule 80.
    With a union on the end.

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. What? She forgot the “free Mumia” ?
    I’d a just laughed at her the way you mocked a younger sibling as you held them off at the forehead when they flailed away having a tantrum and crying for Mom. “Are you done now?”

  10. Sooooo … Poppin Fresh has gone socialist!
    Who woulda thunk it?

    Shame there wasn’t a 5# bass (or catfish) hanging around that coulda been shoved into her mouth.

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. Psychiatric acting out.

    Haldol will stabilize her.
    Then her County can find her a job as a greeter through the Special Needs program.

  12. Conservative need to get a clue and hire security for events. Leftist wouldn’t let opposition act out like this at their rallies.
    BTW, what ever happened to “disturbing the peace” violation. The demonic nut job should have been arrested.

  13. It seems the correct action to have taken, according to Progs, is a used Tampax inserted into her pie hole.

  14. We need to learn how to do an inverse mosh pit. Take the offender to the ground and keep passing them back, surrounded by the crowd, until they pop! out at the back of the proceedings. If we got game, the offender would be pushed out (on the ground) bare nekked with a Trump sticker on their hiney.

  15. forget that noise. If there’s a pro-rump rally nearby, I’ll go with an Asp baton, pepper spray (Crystal or Louisiana brand only! Gotta represent my peeps!), a big fuckin’ air horn, wearing a snot-rag mask and a motorcycle helmet.

  16. Wait!! Let me guess! PhD candidate in wymyns’ studies at some “elite” coastal university??

  17. You ever take a four finger underhand thrust
    to the solar plexus? That would have quieted her
    for quite some time.

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