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Shrink Says Biden Has Dementia

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Norwegian psychiatrist Fred Heggen claims that Joe Biden is suffering from “dementia” and that his condition has worsened “at galloping speed.”

In an opinion piece published by Nettavisen entitled ‘Why Democrats are rallying behind a possibly demented candidate?’, Heggen, who is also a medical director at the Lovisenberg Diaconal Hospital’s psychiatric clinic in Oslo, says the presidential candidate is suffering from obvious cognitive failure.

“Of course I may still judge him wrongly, but in my eyes he appears as a person who is already very affected by dementia. And the presidential election is still far ahead. What if his condition worsens further over the next two-three months?” Heggen asked. More

24 Comments on Shrink Says Biden Has Dementia

  1. LOL A “demented candidate”? LOL they’re ALL demented!
    But yeah, we should use this.

  2. The ONLY thing progressive about joe biden, is his DEMENTIA

  3. Strange times. We have a moron running on the lib ticket for President, and a roll of toilet paper is worth more than a barrel of oil.

  4. Biden is the sacrificial lamb for the d’s. They knew they could not beat the President so they sacrificed him. Now that the China flu gambit is in place they can replace him at the convention if they think the odds have changed.

  5. I have my doubts that Biden will be the DNC pick. Someone other waiting in the wings is going to jump in at the last moment so they won’t get picked apart during a long stint.


    h/t Joe O’Biden

  7. Honestly, the same standard conservative demand regarding so-called remote diagnosis of Trump’s mental state should apply to Biden. While I think he regularly and repeated demonstrates cognitive decline, only an in-person examination can properly diagnose him.

    I will add that he has certainly provided enough anecdotal evidence to lead a reasonable person ro have him diagnosed.

    But then, Democrats don’t want that. They want to hand-pick his VP knowing full well that in the unlikely event Biden is elected, the VP will need to assume the presidency shortly after his inauguration. Then Dems hope to nominate and even more radical as VP to place Biden’s VP.

  8. Well, if the Dems can analyze someone (Trump) from afar, I guess we can too. They never think their tactics will get used against them…

  9. “Joe, do you have Dementia?”

    “Nah. I has, have had, had, have, you know, the THING!”

    “Neurocognitive disorder?”

    “No, man, the other thing!”


    “I had surgery, man. They opened up my head and got it out.”

    “What out?”

    “The, ah, you know, the THING!”

  10. “at galloping speed”…Is that a race horse with a jockey gallop, or a pony with a soldier gallop?

  11. Is Joe Biden becoming demented?

    Absolutely not.

    He’s always been demented.

  12. The only thing more demented than Dementia Joe Obiden Bama is the Dementiacrat Party and the MSDM. They are all betting that something, anything, will bring down President Trump before the Full Catastrophe Convention. They are all so deranged by Trump Derangement Syndrome, that they are rooting for the ChiComvirus to get worse.

  13. Sorry.
    I remember the 67 “psychiatrists” (or whatever) declaring Goldwater “unfit” without having ever examined him, back in 64 or whenever it was.
    Bullshit then; bullshit now.
    Regardless of party or affiliation.

    Joey is THE ABSOLUTE BEST candidate the nihilistic totalitarians could possibly come up with – bar none.

    izlamo delenda est …

  14. The damn janitor knows he’s got dementia

  15. DSC: I agree. Biden is just a place holder to drive other viable, and I use that term loosely, candidates out of the race so the DNC can find some way of nominating their preferred candidate at the convention.

    Richard P: I agree. It is either except able to diagnose from afar or it is not. It should be noted, however, that this time it is a diagnosis of a Democratic candidate and it is more of a medical that a psychological evaluation. You point still stands, though.

  16. …shouldn’t matter, simply identifying as a Democrat should be universally accepted as a sign of mental illness and prima facie evidence of being unfit to hold ANY position of responsibility…

  17. I’d appreciate it if someone
    would mention the retardation
    he has always had !

  18. At least Dementia Joe has an excuse. He is obviously suffering from dementia. What excuse does the political party promoting him to run as the nominee have for this farcical situation? How can they possibly explain this ethical lapse? Oh, yes, I forgot: Donald Trump made us nominate an embarrassing remnant of a man who is walking advertisement for the Happy Day Mental Wellness Home!

  19. Assuming Biden has dementia and will be replaced at the convention, or be the nominee with an obvious ploy of replacing him with his VP nomination if elected, how will this play to the Democrat party? Let’s pretend Warren or someone similar is tabbed to be the VP – I would think that a lot of Democrats would be pissed at having eliminated the socialist candidates during the primaries only to have the socialist wing of the party try to foist a socialist on them through the back door.

    If Trump was losing his marbles (and he would probably still be a better candidate than anyone the Dems are proposing) and picked Romney as his running mate, I would be pissed. The primaries are for eliminating the douchebags, and a backdoor move would not be well received.

  20. and he’s Fucking Asshole!

  21. ‘Why Democrats are rallying behind a possibly demented candidate?’

    A: They can’t tell the difference from any other democrat.

  22. TIM

    Indeed I do! Voted Barry and would gladly do so again!

    I have been a Ronny D for almost 70 years. After “The Speech” (10/64) I voted R! My first ever R vote! But Barry was much better than LBJ!

    I hope it should go without saying; but maybe not
    I am a proud Ronny D!

  23. It is one thing to run a slightly forgetful, cranky character for the highest office in the country, but it’s quite another thing to actually pretend that he’s mentally competent when he can’t even answer easy questions without resorting to a cheat sheet. The whole thing is implausibly self defeating. Trump Derangement Syndrome has completely destroyed their common sense. I’m enjoying this too much to hope that Osmidgen stages an intervention before it plays out at the Full Catastrophe Convention. He earned this ridiculous reminder of his own incompetence.


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