Sick: “Enthusiastic Cheers” as IL Gov Signs Late Term Abortion Bill

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  1. For the sake of decency you’d think they’d be somewhat solemn about it considering it’s about a life. I guess I’m giving them way too much credit as humans.

  2. The obvious connection between transgender mutilation and abortion makes both of them crimes against children of any age. The affliction of physical torture done to the baby in the womb or that done to a vulnerable child that does not have the mental, emotional, or physical maturity to refuse the harmful attacks done on his/her body. Such vile evil cannot be acceptable, no matter what authorities allow.

    Exactly as Adams predicted: LGBT parents begin physically maiming their own children in botched transgender mutilations
    Tuesday, June 11, 2019 by: Mike Adams

    The LGBT cult is alive and well, and its members will mutilate children and murder them if necessary to continue pursuing their transgender cult agendas. Anyone who points out that physically mutilating or chemically castrating children is child abuse will be silenced, de-platformed, smeared and viciously attacked. The Left Cult cannot allow anyone to defend the lives of the innocent, because if they admit that childrens’ lives should be protected, then their entire argument for abortions would self-destruct.

    For the deranged, violent Left to continue to carry out its cult-like crusade of violence and brainwashing of children, they must eliminate all voices that seek to defend those children against left-wing violence.”

  3. As a history buff, it has both amazed and appalled me how throughout the history of civilization there have always been people willing to massacre others on genocidal levels! Human beings are inherently violent, but one would think that a vile trait such as that would have ceased long ago. The crass attitude (or sheer delight) that the pro-abortion crowd takes in the death and dismemberment of pre-born children proves to me that the killer instinct is still very much in practice today, as throughout history. God weeps!

  4. A bunch of vile people celebrate the murder of innocents. I pray God’s judgment is severe and it will be…

  5. And libtards believe in the inherent goodness of man, that there is no sin and that man can be perfected without God. But for the grace of God go I, if God hadn’t turned my life around I’d still be as screwed up as your average libtard.

  6. You don’t hear about it but I bet
    they are still selling the body parts
    for BIG$…

  7. Since I am not able to directly intervene, I’m glad to say; they have to answer for that rather than me.

  8. It just dawned on my why libs would rather abort babies than give them up for adoption. Hear me out….

    By and large, people who adopt are white (about 77% of adopters). The majority of children adopted are non-white. A much higher percentage of people who adopt are Christians and conservative than non-religious and liberal. See where I’m going with this? The libs would rather slaughter than have these would be kids raised in mostly conservative homes.

    This is my theory. Does this argument hold water? leave your comments

  9. The whole of the topic is gut wrenching. It makes me ill.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  10. @Bman

    That’s an interesting theory. Like all theories it should be tested. The first three assertions could probably be tested with actual data. The part about liberals preferring to murder their kids (I woundn’t put it past them) rather than see them adopted by Christians would take some interviews of parents of the aborted children. Would they admit such a thing?

  11. Well, even if they all swore allegiance to killing babies, I’m still a loyal citizen. In fact, knowing how evil killing babies is, swearing my loyalty to sworn baby killers makes me more loyal! Bow down before my patriotism conservatives! I am Hates Killing Babies, Killer of Babies! (It just don’t git no more patriotic than that.)

  12. We may have crossed the Rubicon. This is beyond booing God at the convention. Rejoicing over slaughter of innocents? There is no turning back for those reprobates. Hopefully we can redeem our country.

  13. Democrats hate Americans
    – See: Open borders
    Democrats hate kids
    – See: Abortions, late term abortions, genital mutilation, gender surgery

  14. Bman, You may be right, but I most often hear from them: “If I’m going to have it, then I’m going to keep it.”

    Which leads me to: It’s all about complete selfishness. Me me me me me MEE!

    Never about the child and what’s right for it.

  15. @ Mr. Anth Ropy JUNE 13, 2019 AT 12:20 AM

    My most lefty friend has repeatedly said he hates humankind over the last 36 years – since I first moved in next door to him in `83.

    One fairly recent day he made a negative comment about concealed carry being allowed on college campuses in Texas and I pointed out that all his political positions have people die in droves, I told him he is, at least, consistent all these years that his hate for mankind has this result. Abortion – Over 50 million American babies killed. Gun control – makes potential victims defenseless – from 120,000,000 to 180,000,000 killed in the 20th century alone. He said he would shoot people driving on the wrong side of the road as they were trying to escape with their lives from hurricane Gus.

    Me: ‘You’re consistent. Whatever kills the most people – you’re for it. You can stop pretending your positions are for the common good because it’s quite the opposite’

    He shut his mouth and went home.

  16. @ Anonymous JUNE 12, 2019 AT 11:07 PM

    Read your post three times and I still don’t get you.

    Moving on with a shrug. Maybe too many Coronas tonight, but not coming back to even try to make sense of it.

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