Sidney Powell Batting .500 So Far In Getting SCOTUS To Hear Her Cases – IOTW Report

Sidney Powell Batting .500 So Far In Getting SCOTUS To Hear Her Cases


Lawyer Sidney Powell tweets out today that the Supreme Court has rejected two cases of election fraud against Wisconsin and Arizona; and has accepted two cases against Michigan and Georgia.  The high court has given GA/MI until January 14, 2021, to file their responses. More

Powell tweeted yesterday that SCOTUS is purposefully “slow walking” her lawsuits, siting the January 14th date as a prime example. Here

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  1. There are a lot of things going on in state legislatures, among states’ citizens, and with the President’s own legal team, besides the legal actions brought by Powell and Wood.

    Above all of them is God. Keep your eyes on Jesus, remain faithful, pray for his timely and perfect judgement. All will be well with our souls.

  2. At this point, something might be decided by 2024. Then again, with Biden/Hairass, it’ll get memory-holes long before that.

  3. At every turn, courts are preventing team Trump from preventing their evidence, and then the courts turn around and say the fraud claims are “baseless” and “without evidence”. Unbelievable.

    Abigail: I trust in God, but he gave us the intellect and tools to meet him half way and set this right. I fear that time is quickly approaching.

  4. She is getting a lot of heat, I have been solidly behind her. She and Wood took this on with no promises of financial help form anyone. They trusted that others would chip in to help them out and set up donation sites which I donate to. Both are working pro bono, but their staffs are being paid… by them, or by us who help out. If there is anything left in the pot at the end of the day I expect it to go to them… or to the charity of their choice. I gave them the money I have given and it is up to them how to best use it.

    My philosophy on attorneys is: If you need an attorney you need the best attorney, if you don’t need the best attorney, you don’t need an attorney. Once you have hired the best, stay out of it, take their advice and shut your Goddamn mouth regarding strategy.

  5. JDHasty …I too have given and will give more. This is your chance to actually do something. And also sign the WH petition for military tribunals.

  6. Fact…she’s actually batting 0.
    They have yet to ‘hear’ anything.

    They’d have to be listening to hear.

  7. @ James L Miller DECEMBER 18, 2020 AT 11:59 AM

    The case is being tried in the court of public opinion right now. The SCOTUS has abdicated their responsibilities to protect the republic. Everything is progressing about as I had expected given some of the “justices” sitting on the Court.

    Once critical mass had been reached in the case against Nixon it didn’t take much time for all hell to break loose. Public opinion polling shows that the message is resonating despite the media and Big Tech. This is the number one thing that the guilty have feared and it is coming to pass.

    I can hear Romney and Ryan in the back rooms this morning: Hey Pierre, I’m getting the sense that the wheels is coming off. Maybe we should bail on this thing while we still can. Shhh, The Turtle said he has our back, we are not supposed to act like we noticed that the American public isn’t buying it.

  8. There are a hell of a lot more attorneys who never get a case heard before SCOTUS than there are those who do. And not for lack of trying.


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