Sidney Powell Reads A Significant Affidavit Involving Smartmatic

Communist money changes votes.

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  1. [Election Voting Machine Secrets Revealed: Dominion Ties to Scytl, Smartmatic | Beyond the Noise] ~ 13 min.

    Isn’t it interesting that Smartmatic was used in every state where the vote count is being contested, and that Biden just named Peter Neffenger, Smartmatic USA chairman of the board, former Obama flunky Admin of TSA, to his transition team. [may than never happen] .

  2. Like Trump or not, anyone who believes the majority of Americans prefer the crooked imbecile Biden is delusional.
    The array of corrupt politicians and judges is going to make this a tough climb and with Roberts heading the Supreme Court only makes it worse.
    It sickens me to see the amount of corruption we’re facing and only Trump has ever showed enough spine to try and stop it.
    Hoping for the best, readying for the worse.

  3. Call me a cynic, but I get this sinking feeling like the institutions of law enforcement and justice in this nation are going to collectively shrug at these legal filings then let the clock run out and put Biden in the White House.

    There has to be enough of a roar of outrage from this nation that those entrusted with this its integrity decide it’s in their best interest to not let the cheaters win. Otherwise, those in the buaruacray will take the path of least resistance to them keeping their phony baloney jobs and let the curtain ring down on the republic for good.

  4. The criminal deep state globalist will have to be overcome by the free thinking people. They have agendas and the means to Stonewall progress for truth and transparency and they don’t mind doing their nefarious deeds in broad daylight.

  5. I’m a cynic about this too and I wish they were doing more to combat the media narrative, have an appointed lead to do a daily recap. It seems the more time that goes by the narrative the cheaters is putting out is taking hold with the people that don’t engage in making politics part of their day. And how many people see Sidney Powell on Fox Business.
    It seems the key has to be Dominion and Smartmatic, foreign entities interfering and Trump’s EO that requires the DNI to address. Although one branch of this is the Dept of Homeland Security and they seem to still be the swamp. Wolf protecting Krebs from being fired doens’t bode well. Time will tell.

  6. If for no other reason Trump needs to win just so he can tweet a message to Sen DiFi after winning this election asking what kind of wine and seasonings she wants as she eats the words she said today in the Senate committee hearing with Big Tech over censorship claims.

    The big bug up DiFi’s bum was Trumps tweets about- vote fraud, winning the elections, I won, Joe lost etc, which DiFi said were lies. That were dangerous tweets, and should be blocked.

    Followed by her being upset that Stop the Steal quickly formed following a Facebook post, that was a lie, and very dangerous because it stirred people up. Quickly growing to the dangerous size of 300k, prompting Trump supporters to show up with assault weapons at numerous polling places. Threatening people, and only a few were arrested.

    DiFi had no opinion about the the huge number of Trump Stop the Steal supporters that were in Washington DC Saturday that were peaceful, did not riot or loot the stores, and left the city cleaner than when they arrived. DiFi also had nothing to say about Twitter / Facebook stirring up the AntiFa/BLM nutjobs that also showed up in Washington DC attacking and harassing Trump supporters.

    Seeing DiFis’ face the moment Trump is declared winning the election for a second term, would be pure gold priceless.

    A dream I hope comes true. And I get to see it. I am sure DiFi will want tweets of her sourpuss face after learning Trump won, censored.


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