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*sigh* They blow up so fast

palestinian drooling kid
Look at the drool. I think it’s rabid.

Palestinian Toddler Requests ‘Machine Gun’ to ‘Defeat Israel and the Zionists’. 

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  1. I think he’s crying because his teacher won’t let him play with the Lego set anymore. Kid is definitely not in a safe space. Nor will others be if he grows up.

  2. He’s crying because they didn’t give him an AK. How are you suppose to get you terrorist thing going with a plastic M4?

  3. Interesting, notice how the little nipper didn’t say “kill the jews”. I wonder is some public relations whiz has told them to stop referring to Israelis as Jews when you discuss and sing about killing them all. I guess they realized that people of all ages and races react badly when one openly discusses or threatens genocide.

  4. I hate to say it , it does against my grain as a human being, but in this situation collateral damage should not concern Israel. These misfortunate children will grow up to be stone killers unless they are killed or captured at a young age. Captured, interned, and educated. Read brainwashed, if you will, but I see no other answer.
    While Israeli children are studying medicine, math, science, these cretins are practicing murder. Something has to change.

    No! Nothing PC here.

  5. When they teach moslems at such an early age to murder Jews, avoiding being murdered by moslem jihadis is a full-time job for Israelis.

    Israel arrested senior Hamas member Omar Barghouti Abu Asef and his two sons a few days ago. And that will bring on even more attacks against Israel. It only ends when all the moslems are gone. One side wants peace, the other side wants only death and terror. There is no peace in islam.

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