Signing Gibberish For the Deaf


Remember the fake signer who flashed gibberish for hours at the Mandela funeral?

Now we have this lady at the Tampa serial killer presser.

The funny thing is, she is a 5 time felon… for fraud.

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  1. She repeats the same few movements……..along with goofy facial expressions.
    Better make that six time fraud perp.

  2. She repeats the same few movements……..along with goofy facial expressions.
    Better make that six time fraud perp.

  3. Why do we even have that shit anymore when there’s closed captioning on tv and the ease of communicating with text messages? Seems like sign language should be obsolete by now.

  4. I guess the old saying “audacity wins the day” applies here. A convicted felon pulling a scam at a police presser shows some real brass.

  5. But they were so pleased to fill some “woman of color” quota in Tampa. That’s al that counts isn’t it?

  6. I didn’t watch the whole thing but I did catch, (single snorp poptart sizzle blurp caa caa Bing). Couldn’t watch any more. Was having hard time understanding her.

  7. It should have been a tip off when she did the sleeping head move about 4 times in a row… lmao, i love it.

    On a serious note, the dopes in Tampa PD should arrest her. Charhe her with obstructing police business, criminal impersonation, trespassing and burglary, etc… whatever they can add on.

    She may have unwittingly caused deaf people to go into shock, have seizures, or emotional melt downs by transmitting that gibberish.

  8. Monkey see; Monkey do.

    In the age of closed captioning that whole “signing” thing is complete bullshit.
    Another gov’t make-work.

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. I didn’t watch. But did she make a circle out of her index finger and thumb on one hand and plunge her other index finger in and out of the hole? That’s the only sign language I know.

  10. Probably has a “Handicapped” placard dangling from her rear view mirror, too.

    Now I’m starting to wonder about “court stenographers”. Given today’s technology, that seems more and more like a bullshit job.

  11. I believe that IS American Sign Language being used in this video. (The Mandela funeral guy WAS gibberish.) Whether the woman is a good interpreter or not, I am not qualified to say. My knowledge of ASL is extremely limited. But, after watching twice to hear the words, I was able to connect his words with her signs. A single sign can have multiple meanings (example: sleep/rest and past/ago). Context is important. Facial expressions are important as they give added context to the signs. It is a visual language.

    As to whether ASL is still relevant in this day and age, go to an online Deaf Community forum and ask that question. Just be prepared for the answer. That is their language and they are rightly proud of it.

    As an aside: if you want to feel truly humbled, watch a hearing toddler sign with her Deaf relative. Infants can learn sign, before they can speak. To be able to communicate so early makes for some very well-adjusted kids, in my experience.

    Sorry, I’ll stop with the preaching, now…

  12. 80% of politicians do the same thing everyday. Speak jibberish at public events, play people for fools, committ fraud, and just general dishonesty. Many of them getting away with it for 55 years or nearly that long.

  13. sorry, all you deaf “community” people…..but once gallaudet university came out AGAINST curing deafness – because it was GENOCIDE – i’m thinking your “community” sucks……

    apparently, a down’s syndrome “community” would be against a cure of THAT disease also?

    but of course……they’re retards, after all……

    snark doesn’t play here……who the HELL gets to say leave deaf kids deaf, because GENOCIDE????

    why, colleges for the deaf, of course….you think you can go curing all our students????……WE HAVE A CULTURE!!!!!


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