Signs of the Times

Despite Twitter’s efforts to bury “Unplanned” the weekend of its release, the film’s account now has more followers than Planned Parenthood. More

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  1. The most egregious sin of all. The killing of the most helpless and innocent for monetary gain.

  2. “The most egregious sin of all. The killing of the most helpless and innocent for monetary gain.”

    …….and selfish, evil convenience.

  3. Socialists are always making plans. Five-year plans, parenthood plans, urban redevelopment plans, climate change plans. And then the unplanned comes along.

    What is that saying…”Life is what happens while you’re making plans.”

  4. Liberals are always trying to redefine life and shut down anyone who defends it.
    Slavery, illegal immigration, abortion, euthanasia – they are all the same conversation.
    What is life, what is life worth living, what is life worth protecting, what is life worth fighting for, what is life worth dying for?
    Illegal immigration results in people working in the shadows for less than fair market value. If you had to work for far less then you would say you are working for “slave wages”. What do we do with the people who were brought here through no fault of their own? Wow, that sounds like the same exact question asked in 1850s. The party of progress my ass.
    Liberals stated they’re not really human therefore they can be enslaved (“but we still want to count them for the purpose of representatives” – in other words “still use them for our own political gain”).
    And still today “they’re not really human so therefore they can be terminated”. Sounds like 1930s Germany.
    We are still fighting the libs because they refuse to learn the lessons of the past, and will still be fighting the same battles until time ends.
    The party of progress my ass (it’s worth repeating).

  5. “false flags attacks against PP.”

    YES, so Democrats can demand PP be federalized as an agency with armed guards posted at each facility.


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