Sinema, McCain, And The Bad Omens For Democrats’ Wildest Dreams


Imagine the following scenario: One political party holds the White House, the House of Representatives and — by a razor-thin margin — the U.S. Senate.

They have big plans: major, sweeping legislation. There’s a problem, though. Or to be precise, there are four problems.

First, the president is very unpopular; we’re talking mid-30-percent approval. And the thing about unpopular presidents is they have a hard time getting people to do what they want.

Second, the politicians who make up this congressional majority have wildly different political concerns: They have different constituencies, different weaknesses, different personal ideologies. They’re not on the same page and it’s not even clear they want to be.

That leads directly to the third problem: They have no clear plan. What does their party want? What are their top priorities? What do they even believe in these days?

No one really agrees what should come next; they’ve been making all kinds of promises for the past four years but they never actually got together to make sure everyone was talking about the same thing — and all that would entail once back in charge.

Finally, there’s the fourth problem: a deep and abiding, years-long grudge between a crucial senator and a senior leader of the party. read more

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  1. “What are their top priorities?”

    That’s an easy one; retain power, criminalize dissent, weaponize their justice arms, reward their donors, eliminate parental control and influence over their own kids, hijack the entire election process, redefine the English language, promise safety at the expense of liberty, and slowly/deliberately make owning firearms so onerous and costly with the outcome that in the end the people can not push back.

  2. I the end, I bet Sinema & Manchin WILL vote in line with their parties.
    Their survival depends more on the Democrats staying in power this term. Right Now!
    Anyone can clearly see that the mid terms are going to be complete carnage.
    Sinema, Manchin & others, will fold AFTER some closed door meetings and hope that they can survive as a party IF THEY CAN CONVINCE independents to forget Biden’s FIRST YEAR.

    This is what they do in Canuckistan. The FILL the bowl with SHIT in the first year and then spend the next 3 years trying to clean it up.

    Once the Democrat Holdouts get enough PORK & PROMISES of Government money, they will vote rank & file. Within a year Kalamity Harris becomes President (Biden bows out for medical), the Demos get to Flush Biden, and 2 years of Targeted NEW PROMISES to actually elect the First Black Woman with most likely a Gay or more moderate Vice President.

    Don’t get suckered! This shit happened in Ontario Politics Provincially with Dalton McGuinty Stepping aside & his Liberal replacement actually getting elected instead of a swing towards a conservative premier.

    I keep warning you that the Demos are following a loyt of things they have seen in Caniuckistan.

  3. #3 is wrong. It is very clear what their plan ; it is to destroy
    America! But #1 makes implementing the plan difficult; near impossible!

  4. At some point we’re going to have to clean House … and Senate … and Bench … and White Hut …

    mortem tyrannis

    izlamo delenda est …


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