1. It gets pretty nippy in most of the country by mid-October. Could be a big problem for Kenny McCormick up there.

    Somebody needs to set the AC to “frost” at the debates.

  2. Funny how a closeup of her hideous lenses show the vertical bars to keep this sick dyke from wondering off the reservation into never-ever land. She is so fit to lead… NOT EVER! She should get matching bars, in her cell at the Aliceville, Alabama, federal prison.

  3. that tube running down her leg could be an extention cord for a heater just incase wool jackets and long underwear dont do the trick.

  4. When she goes on oxygen (probably already is) it will just be because she’s channeling Sir Edmund….in this case I hope it’s the Edmund Fitzgerald and not Sir Edmund Hillary….

  5. In a spacesuit by Halloween. It will be explained away as her costume. And in the Methodist church she grew up with, they celebrated the month of Halloween. No ways taard.

  6. Hell, stick her in the containment pod we kept the astronauts in when they came back from the moon.
    She can talk to us on the phone
    She can see out

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