Sir Loin and the Emoluments Clause

One of the provisions in Article I Section 9 is Clause 8, which prohibits the federal government from bestowing titles of nobility. They had enough of that in England.

Wiki- One of the first issues that the United States Senate dealt with was the title of president. Vice President John Adams called the senators’ attention to this pressing procedural matter. Most senators were averse to calling the president anything that resembled the titles of European monarchs, yet John Adams proceeded to recommend the title: “His Highness, the President of the United States, and Protector of their Liberties,” an attempt to imitate the titles of the British monarch: “By the Grace of God, of Great Britain, France and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, Prince-Elector of Hannover, Duke of Brunswick” and the French monarch: “By the Grace of God, Most Christian King of France and Navarre.” Some senators favored “His Elective Majesty” or “His Excellency” (the latter of which would become the standard form of address for elected presidents of later republics). James Madison, a member of the House of Representatives, would have none of it. He declared that the pretentious European titles were ill-suited for the “genius of the people” and “the nature of our Government.” 

That won’t stop me from giving the democrats their duly earned titles-

Sir Render – This was given to Obama when he decreed that manufacturing jobs were not coming back.

Sir Perfluous – I award this title to every other dem who comes along that is indistinguishable from the dope that preceded them.

Sir Cus – The title of every clown in the democrat primary field.

Sir Miser – The oft seen dem who jumps the gun on a story, only look like an asshole a mere 24 hours later.

Sir Prise – The 1st dem who will change gender while in office.

Sir Veillance – The Dishonorable Robert Mueller.

Sir Tax – All of them, really.

Sir Rhosis – Any Kennedy

Sir Rogate – Whoever the dude was that fathered the Obama children.

Earl Leevoting – Voter fraud specialist

Count Terculture – Pete Buttigeig

66 Comments on Sir Loin and the Emoluments Clause

  1. Count Terculture – Pete Buttigeig

    Wouldn’t that be Sir Gay? Oddly enough the name of his “husband”.

  2. Duke E. Chutes….Mayor Pete
    Dame Nevercouldwin…Hillary
    Duchess of Huh?…Nancy Pelosi
    Duke of Huh?…Joe Biden
    Queen of the Cherokee….Lizzy Warren

  3. Duke EnCover: honorary title to Rachel Maddow for backpedaling on her Russian collusion series.

  4. Lord of the Lies:
    Brian Williams, Jim Acosta, Joy Reid, April Ryan, Don Lemon, Chris Wallace, Juan Williams….aw crips….when can I stop….


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