Sir Richard Branson Accused of “Motorboating” Back Up Singer

Joss Stone and her band had just performed and Sir Richard Branson was so impressed that he invited them all to join him on his private Island in the Caribbean. Drinks were had and Sir Richard apparently got out of hand when he was drawn to back up singer Antonia Jenae’s ample bosom where he reportedly commenced to “motorboat” the horrified woman.


Sir Richard has no recollection of the incident. Here

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  1. While I still love watching the lefties (and it’s mostly lefties) take it in the nads, this sort of thing was handled 10 years ago by a slap in the face and a quick verbal warning. Now it’s likely to get a cash settlement. We better figure out quick just what constitutes sexual harrasment and what makes up alcohol fueled boorish behaviour.

  2. Additionally…..

    he stumbled and fell into her giant ass, and had to be thrown a flotation buoy.

  3. and I had thought he was 100% queer, especially after the photos of him and the obama came out where they are fondling each other.

  4. It’s getting to be that a multimillionaire celebrity know it all can’t make a huge boob of himself once in a while after getting over served to the point of total tastelessness.

  5. Sir Richard Branson must be a close kindred spirit of Sir Hillary Rodham and her perv husband BJ Clinton our first black President Penis!

  6. I like how “The Sun” had to explain to their readers how one “motorboats.”

    I can see Brits across the isle trying some recreational boating this weekend.

  7. He claims he didn’t do it on purpose. He stumbled and fell into her cleavage. As he slid in on the boob sweat he was gasping for air. He was forced to push against her gargantuan areolas to ectricate himself. That being fruitless, in a desperate attempt for salvation he grasped feebly onto her nipples and pulled himself to salvation.

  8. This was the problem with bringing slaves into this Country. There was no telling what they would accuse their new Patrons of. Looks like little miss big boobs needs some dough, but I doubt if Tattoo will ever wave her in again.

  9. When a socialist/totalitarian/rich dude does it; it’s “just in fun.”

    Anybody else (particularly an American or a Menshevik) … it’s a capital offense.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. @Dr Tar, I didn‘t know what “motorboating“ was and I sure didn’t want to search the term. Lol!

  11. Oh man. All these new rules. Motor boating is out?
    What next?

    You can’t motorboat, grope, nuzzle, cuddle, fondle, brush up against, send intimate photos, chicken choke, baloney bop, yodel in the canyon, titty twist, bra snap…

    Is life worth living?

  12. Wonder if it was an inboard or an outboard.

    P.S. – Her first warning should have been the name of the place: Necker Island.


  13. I ain’t gonna bump with no big fat woman. There was a movie, a “fake documentary about a heavy metal band, one line from a song in the movie, was The Bigger the Cushion, the Better the Pushin’. Forgot the title of the film.

  14. Asswagon Branson was on Shark Tank the other day and wet his pants over a Haitian immigrant that was pitching an ideal.
    The guy was smart and worked hard, so no problem.
    The problem was Branson who pointed to this guy and said the USA should open it’s borders completely.
    Sure thing Dick, as soon as you come out from behind your security detail and large gates on your multiple homes and ISLAND that YOU OWN.
    What a rich dumbfuck!


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