Skeleton Dance

Adam Maciaszek -This a remaster performed by human aided ai algorithms to not only upscale the resolution clear up detail and remove the intense flicker in the original 1929 classic. Please enjoy, for regular speed and audio please watch here:…

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  1. I’m going to ask Santa for a skeleton this year. Pogo stick,musical instrument, jigsaw puzzle. I never knew!

  2. SNS, you made my afternoon with Ghost chickens in the sky. I got a good laugh out of that. And speaking of skeletons any one remember the fighting skeletons from the Ray Harryhausen classic adventure movie from the early 60’s Jason And The Argonauts, that was and still is a great movie.

  3. Carl.W. Stalling later went to Warner’s and did the music for Loony Tunes and Merrie Melodies.

    I have been watching as many upscaled old films as I can find. If the source material is good it is almost as if you were watching a modern video. Here is a good example:

  4. The flowing animation in these early cartoons seems to me to be a much higher quality than what we have today such as The Simpsons and others that are just herky-jerky movements apparently done on the cheap.

    With much better technology at our disposal, we can’t beat the cartoons of the late 1920’s and 1930’s. The imagery of the early cartoons was creative and funny, such as the two cats on the tombstones, taking turns pulling noses to let them snap back and hit the other guy in the face like a rubber band.

  5. That’s gross but very funny as well as runny. What parent has never changed a massive baby blowout like that. Thank God that I haven’t had to change any of my 4 granddaughters diapers. A lot of the Fleisher Brothers Popeye cartoons from the 30’s were drawn in 3 D.

  6. Let’s not forget the final scenes from the Disney classic Fantasia with Night On Bald Mountain and Ave Maria. I’m having a blast watching all these videos this afternoon. Keep em coming.

  7. Here is a great example of an early 1930’s Felix the Cat cartoon. Today, it would be called extremely racist because of how it depicts the black people in a southern state. Actually it is not, as Felix fights for the poor blacks and against the cruel overlord.

    The cartoon has a lot of charm and humor and makes the case against racism. Notice that the situation Felix faces is very creative and the animation is flowing and artistic. Well done, I’d say.

  8. Modern animation is not done to make a better product. It is dome to make more product, cheaply.

    I’ll take Warner’s from the ‘40’s, thank you. They started going downhill when they stylized in the early ‘50’s.

  9. I have a B & W Felix the Cat clock with a swinging back and forth tail on my wall above my computer. And so far no ones mentioned Betty Boop. The older cartoons were simpler and far better done than most of the new lifeless crap they call cartoons now a days. Especially Japanese Anime, I hate anime.


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