Skinny A$$ Loser Tries To Rob Store In Front of a Marine

This goes just about as you would suspect.

Marine won.

“This is a Hero , not a guy that bounces a basketball..”

ht/ c. steven tucker

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  1. That dumb shit obviously wasn’t paying attention. He cuts line, and pushes away a guy that probably had 50 pounds more muscle than he did, then turned his back on him. Maybe he thought his mask would scare him away.

  2. Dumbass’s first mistake was pushing the Marine out of his way. The black mask just confirmed what his response would be.

    edit: Joe6pak – I was typing while yours posted. We’ll just chalk it up to GMTA! 😉

  3. Hey Lebron and every other virtue signaling pathetic athelete take notice.

    Unlike you, his is a real man.
    This is how real men act, regardless of the consequence to themselves.

  4. “…It’s the right thing to do…that’s reward in and of itself…”

    DEFINITELY not a leftard Bitme supporter.

  5. My only disappointment is that he didn’t drop that loser on his head. A little blood pouring out of the coconut usually provokes the bitchy whimpering that defines those stupid criminals.

  6. Since the Marine has light skin shouldn’t armed robber automatically become a victim? Or does armed robber’s white skin make him ineligible to commit a felony and then have the MSM make him a victim?

  7. My buddy and I were in a 24 hour pharmacy at about 05:00 after coon hunting all night. I was back at the refrigerator getting a drink and heard a crash up by the register.

    My buddy, 6’4” of solid muscle was buying candy and a quart of oil for his truck and a guy walked in with a knife and confronted the clerk. My buddy picked up a gallon jug of antifreeze or windshield solvent and slipped up behind the guy and from his knee level roundhouses the guy right in the ear with the jug knocking him out colder than a wedge. The knife ended up stuck in a suspended ceiling tile, there was blood and teeth all over the place and the guy didn’t regain consciousness before they hauled him to the hospital a couple blocks away.

    I’m surprised it didn’t break his damn fool neck. The blow threw him ten feet across the floor.

    He told the police that the guy had a knife and was threatening the clerk and there was no way he was going to take a chance on being stabbed.

  8. Pull your damned pants up!
    LOL they had to blur out his ass!
    What I want to know-was the dumbass perp screaming for a medic, medic!

  9. The Marine will undoubtedly be charged with a felony for not allowing the perp to call 911 on his cell phone to request police assistance!

  10. The Robber puts a big muscular guy in partial cammo behind him before attempting the robbery. Brilliant. All the proof you need that public education is not worth the free tuition.


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