Skinny Weak Antifa Loser Gets Tossed Around Like a Rag Doll After Infiltrating “We Are Israel” Rally

I could watch these videos all day

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  1. It really is long past time to support anyone who is willing and ready to beat the fuck out of these “Anti-Fa” faggots.

  2. Those antifa soy kids know they aren’t fighting fascism. They’ve been convinced they’re tough and they just want to fight. Probably being paid by Soros.
    They also know none of them will be convicted with Pedo Joe in office.

  3. TheMule
    JULY 29, 2021 AT 8:36 AM
    “It really is long past time to support anyone who is willing and ready to beat the fuck out of these “Anti-Fa” faggots.”

    …the only reason it doesn’t happen is the police protect them and the courts imprison anyone who fights them. You watch, the FBI will find and persecute every patroit in that video just like they did Kyle Rittenhouse.

    …THAT’S why Antifa feels so bold. They know they have F-15s and nukes backing them up…

  4. This needs to happen wherever, and whenever they show up. Beat them, take their masks off, post their pictures online.

  5. If these antif-ers keep spraying pepper spray as an attack on peaceful protesters somebody is going to start shooting lead back at them. That’s when the sh-t will really hit the fan.

  6. IMHO, those on our side need to have a plan of action for these thugs. Let them come in on a smaller group while a larger group is waiting for it. Come in with zip ties, zip tie each of them, throw their ass on the ground, jerk off the mask and snap their picture for everyone to see. Then leave them on the ground like the trash they are.

  7. They (Pantifa) get away with it because the Democrats government plan doesn’t want “righteous indignation”, otherwise known as “a sense of injustice” coming from their citizens w/o the Democrats government approval. They (Democrats government) know Patifa are a bunch of punk ass idiot rebels w/o a cause who will never swell their ranks beyond the size of a grade school soccer team. Patriots on the other hand already come in numbers in the tens of millions and that makes them a substantive threat to the powers to be. Pantifa have become the Democrats unofficial 21st century KKK.
    Hitler was so impressed with the Democrat KKK that he formatted his unofficial Brown Shirt Soldiers around the same principle. Totalitarians all think alike.

  8. This is just sad what is happening in this country. You mean a group cannot gather in peace without assholes disrupting it? Yea, Im glad the Pantifa punk got his but there is a larger side of me that is saddened by this behavior.

  9. The so-called anti-fa is the demoncRAT parties militant arm that it recruited, trained and is currently directing where and when they want them to do their damage!

  10. The ‘plus-sized’ woman in the blue jeans was doing all right too, taking on several of the antifas before going off camera.

  11. News media: A peaceful Anti-fascist rally turned violent today, when a group of white supremacists attacked the peaceful group, without provocation.

  12. Tatted up and fat. Piers Morgan wants those who haven’t been jabbed denied healthcare and you pay for it yourself? Oh yeah asshole! What about fat people, people who smoke and drink, or participates in risky sexual behavior? The world has gone mad! These people vote! WTF! This is such school yard drama.

  13. I will let the fucking government dictate what I can do with my body, when they stat sterilizing feral animals, identifying as humans. I might contemplate getting a covid shot…but not really.

  14. OK, I’m a little confused here. I lived in El Cajon for many years and still have a house there. El Cajon had, supposedly, the largest Coptic Christian Arab community outside of Minneapolis. This “We Are Israel” demonstration is right in the middle of the Coptic community in El Cajon. Are Coptic Arabs not jew-haters ????

  15. Hard to tell the players apart when everyone is wearing black but I think I heard an infelicitous gerund or two mentioned in passing. Somebody said sumthin’!

  16. Love watching a brownshirt get his ass kicked.
    Wasn’t he at the capital on Jan 6 starting violence

  17. It is a good thing when you opponents are putzes who do not know how to hit, how to kick, how to grapple or how to stay on their feet or how to tuck their chin when there is incoming. It is good to see real men show them a little reality.

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