Skirball Fire caused by illegal cooking fire at encampment, LAFD says

h/t Chalupa.

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  1. Gonna be a hell of a lot more homeless people now. Waiting to see if these compassionate sanctuary loving citizens decide to change their outlook now. To the small percentage of conservatives there, I feel your pain.

  2. Bullshit. This was a covert operation and they are blaming the easiest to blame.

    ….yet no mention of the guy two good samaritans caught setting fires last week. No mention of that in the news, was there?

  3. “Sepulveda Boulevard crosses under the 405 Freeway.”

    Packed with traffic 24/7! The 405 runs along Sepulveda blvd and they’re #1 and #2 of 3 ways out of the San Fernando valley. Any destruction of those roads and it would cut off a lot of people.

  4. Look, back when I lived in SoCal (SF Valley), every time there was a man-made fire, it was an illegal Mexican or an illegal Chinese guy that did it. Either from smoking weed or lighting fires to warm themselves. It got so crazy one year, they thought China was sending people over to start fires. lol.

  5. “illegal cooking fire at an encampment” What? What it should read = A campfire set by a group of homeless people.
    Well that blows the explanation by the goofy Governor that global warming was to blame.

  6. The biggest fire here was set by a homeless guy. He begged to stay in jail where he had 3 hots and a cot. They released him because he had no money and no room to put him in jail.

  7. One of the joys of being a sanctuary state. They aren’t keeping up their end of the bargain. They invite them in but don’t give them anywhere to live.

  8. I knew it. How else does a fire “just happen” down there?

    We’ve had the same thing up here in Seattle; homeless camps built under freeway overpasses near dense brush that keep the tents and tarps out of view.

    If the place is deemed a “sanctuary city/state”, what recourse do the devastated homeowners have?

  9. You know, just like a backfire, all the combustibles in that area are gone, now. The government should exercise it’s right of eminent domain, and declare the burnt areas “camping” sanctuaries. Nothing should be allowed to be rebuilt. And all non-permanent habitation must be unmolested by government agents.

    I know it won’t cure the suffering. But, at least, it’s a start.

  10. A decade ago, In Ashland, Oregon (marxist stronhold) a homeless asshole started a campfire that spread and burned down a dozen or more homes. He was briefly jailed and released. Earlier this year, he died, and the leftist mayor and city council had a minute of silence for this useless sack of shit. A few months before his death, a fire battalion chief who suffered lung damage from that fire, died of lingering effects, but he never got HIS moment of silence from the council. You can always depend on liberals to be on the wrong side of any issue.

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