Slaveholding Mauritania, Sharia Sudan, jihad-plagued Libya elected to UN Human Rights Council

The council already counts China, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, DR Congo, Eritrea, Qatar, Somalia, Cameroon and Pakistan among its members.

Kick them out! Why is the US hosting these parasites?

Jihad Watch: The UN is a sick joke. It is nothing close to what it was intended to be: an international body in which the nations of the world could work out their differences peacefully, without resorting to war. It is, instead, just an arm of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), advancing the Islamic agenda with willing aid from a cowed and spineless West. It should be defunded immediately and expelled from the United States. read more

15 Comments on Slaveholding Mauritania, Sharia Sudan, jihad-plagued Libya elected to UN Human Rights Council

  1. Slave allowing nations allowed on the UN human rights… to quote the old T.V wrestler Barron Von Rascke “that is all the people need to know”.

  2. Tell the UN to pack their bags and get the hell out. They don’t have to go home, but they can’t stay here.

  3. In my far from “sufficiently humble” opinion, the much better questions are: Why the HELL is the USA still a member and why the HELL do we allow this foul, parasitic collection of corrupt, murderous tin pot dictators to remain on our shores? The UN has been a worthless, globalist POS trending toward totalitarianism since the late ’50s. Even FDR (in Hell) and Eleanor (also in Hell) might give up on it by now.

  4. These same assholes have the gall to demand to inspect our border operations, a demand which Trump has ignored. Elect a Democrat, and they will be here the day after the inauguration.

  5. This UN council and its membership is sort of the flip side of sending juvenile convicts to an adult prison. They are attending a educational institution learning how to better commit their crimes.

    I’ve been advocating getting the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US since before it was cool. (-:

  6. Everyone may get their wish sooner than expected. It seems that in addition to Ukraine, Italy’s former president and his Deep State (still active, of course) may be the next domino to fall in this ever-expanding roster of countries to be involved in taking out our president. And with the recent communique’ between Australia’s current president and the U.S. DoJ/Barr, it’s looking more and more like the entire U.N. member roster has been up to dirty dealings in our presidential election and in Trump’s administration.

  7. My mom used to tell me that her dad hated the UN. He thought it would be a terrible influence on the way our country was run. He was a poor farmer who lived in a tar paper shack. I think he had just a grade school education. He was smarter than most of the students who currently graduate college.

  8. Ronny tried to Kill the UN 5 times from ’81 – ’88. A leftist vet killed it in the Senate. He got just over 40% of the vote in ’96.

    Generally hard for progressive GOP to win – ’92, ’96, ’08 + ’12.
    Exception ’00 +’04. I did not vote for the leftist in ’04 I VOTED AGAINST JFK !


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