Sleepwalking to the nomination

Patriot Retort: Well, now I think I understand why No-Show Joe Biden didn’t turn up in Iowa for all the Gay Pride events this past weekend.  It’s really difficult to march in a Pride Parade when your primary ambulatory mode is sleepwalking.

But the Somnambulant Kid-Toucher finally made his way to the Hawkeye State yesterday where apparently he was so bored by his own speech, he put himself to sleep.



So while the other Democrat candidates are insulting their way to the nomination, the lumbering, droning Joe is sleepwalking there.

Honestly, is it his advancing years or is Sleepwalking Joe just not interested in running for President?

I realize it’s still early in the primary race, but if Sleepy Joe is already this tuckered out in June, by February’s Iowa Caucus, he’ll be in a coma.

7 Comments on Sleepwalking to the nomination

  1. What’s with that funky equal sign for the E in his name.
    Does that mean he is siding with Buttplug?
    They’ve destroyed the meaning of a word that used to mean happy, stolen the rainbow, and made an equal sign stand for special rights.

  2. I know he’s supposedly “the chosen one,”
    but my gut tells me (got no evidence, just a feeling) either
    he *is*, and Michelle Obama will be his running mate (keep the cabal moving)
    they’ll nominate Michelle at the last minute to throw off the dynamics.

    Those running so far are *so* wacky, Michelle looks moderate/palatable in comparison.

  3. I want them to run the Biden/Buttplug ticket so their slogan can be “Both your young daughters and sons are not safe around us”

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