Sleepy Joe Doesn’t Seem To Understand The Dem Usage of “Woke”


In the latest of constant gaffes, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden apparently doesn’t understand his party’s new watchword: woke.

“Everybody’s been woked,” Biden said on ABC News on Wednesday. He seemed to equivocate the term with the word “awakened,” adding, “Well, guess what? The rest of the working-class people in America have been awakened.” Biden then went on to discuss how Americans had been awakened to, apparently, the injustices of non-compete agreements at fast-food restaurants. More

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  1. Jackass Joe: “I accomplished nothing during my 50 years in Washington.
    Please give me a nuther chance to continue.”

    “I’m taking cognitive function tests every day.”

    “Not only that, but I’m taking cognitive function tests every day.”

  2. I like these definitions of “woke” from the Urban Dictionary:


    “Using an improper word in an incorrect tense to attempt to attach some worldly significance to a person or object (books, screenplay, etc.) so that one appears to be “hip.” In actual fact, this usage shows one’s ignorance and inability to use words and feelings to express oneself properly.”

    “A state of perceived intellectual superiority one gains by reading The Huffington Post.”

    For Joe Biden, I submit this new definition:

    “Woke – What happens when you wake up from your nap and find you’ve wet the bed, your pillow is covered with drool, your teeth are on the floor, your hair plug is missing but your wife is always there to comfort you and clean up.”

  3. I have both my elderly parents living with me,86 & 90.
    At times it is like running a Day Care.
    Mr. Biden i have a spare bedroom.

  4. I’m very confident that Dementia Joe Obiden Bama doesn’t include Tara Reade’s version of what “woke” means. He’s still trying to remember what he told Dr. Jill about this subject. Once he remembers what he forgot to tell her didn’t happen, his handlers will address this with a no comment. This is evolving. It’s changing from day to night. Wake up Sleepy Joe, you day dream believing, lying Pony Soldier. That’s Tara Reade knocking on your widow, not a honking goose.


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