Slovakia passes law to ban islam from being registered as a religion

“We must do everything we can so that no mosque is built in the future.”

Geller Report: Slovakia is not wrong.

Islam is much more than just a religion. Islam a comprehensive system — political, military, legal, religious and dietary.


Unlike Canon Law, which pertains only to Catholics, and Jewish law, which  pertains only to Jews, Islamic law asserts its authority over non-Muslims (which is why non-Muslims and secular Muslims are persecuted, oppressed and slaughter in countries under sharia law).

The sharia dictates every basic aspect of human life. There can be no separation of mosque and state. Mosque is state.  Story here 


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  1. Those committed to islam should be made outlaw, in the oldest, original sense of the word. OED definition 1. a.:

    One put outside the law and deprived of its benefits and protection

    If they believe they can do with me, an infidel, what they please, then I should be free to do with them what I please without regard to legalities.

  2. “… then I should be free …”
    “… then I AM free …”

    “Sauce for the goose …” and all that.
    When things get real there will be no quarter – asked or given.
    The problem is the fifth columnists in the Halls of Power, the Media, Academia, and the Pulpits. They will slowly, reluctantly, awaken to their peril – but, of course, it may be too late.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. That bit about not allowing any mosques to be built–I’m sure this sends liberals into a frenzy. How is that any different from restrictions placed on any non-Muslim religion in Muslim-dominated countries? In Egypt there are churches and if one is destroyed, it is not permitted to be rebuilt. In Saudia simply wearing a crucifix or Star of David is illegal, let alone a building for worshippers to meet. Even meeting in the kitchen for the purpose of observing another religion is illegal.

  4. My sister and I went on a Danube Cruise and stopped in Bratislavia and in Budapest. It was very notable, there are NO black people or Muslims (just judging by the clothes). Hungary remembers stopping the Muslims back in 1689(?) fighting at the gates of Vienna. Slovakia and Hungary have also built walls to keep the refugees out.

  5. Now we know why Spain drove them out way back when (too lazy to lookup the dates). But as always, people who don’t study/know history are doomed to repeat it, so here we go again.

  6. Funny how we marvel at locations such as Rothenburg, a German town whose medieval wall is still in place. It seems almost “romantic,” yet this is becoming a new (/old) norm.

    Actually, I guess those gated communities foresaw this (though barring entry for any criminals, not just insane jihadists). Imagine if we build a wall at Mexico and cities start to build walls, what there might be for people 500 years from now to see of us.I know it seems unlikely, but we live in unlikely times.

  7. Anyone who honestly assesses izslum will call it what it is: a brutal totalitarian form of government masked as a “religion”

  8. Being half-Slovak and half-Polish in ethnicity, I’m delighted that my Slovak brothers and sisters have taken this stand. We could learn from them!!

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