Slow speed scooter chase

NevadaAppeal– A Carson City [Nevada] man tried to evade deputies Friday by fleeing on a scooter.


Deputies were called to pursue a man who tried to evade arrest after Carson City deputies attempted to pull the subject over at Woodside Drive. Deputies ran the registration on the scooter and it came back expired and registered to Joseph Scurti, an alleged drug dealer, who had two outstanding felony warrants, said deputies. more

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4 Comments on Slow speed scooter chase

  1. Scurti told police he was riding away because he was trying to drop the scooter off at a friend’s house.

    Haha! Instead he dropped the scooter off at a police patrol car. Parked up right close too.

  2. Ha Haa! When I was about 12, I ditched a cop while riding my friend’s mini-bike. There was what we called the “hidden ally”, which was a narrow walkway that led from one street over to the next street in the middle of a L-shaped block. Not wide enough for a car. I hauled ass through the ally and parked the bike behind another friend’s house.

    Hell, I wasn’t hurting anybody, why stop?

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