“Small Dick Trump” Artist Claims She Was Punched By Trump Supporter

I’ve seen enough fibtimization to look at this incident with a bit of a jaded eye.

But I didn’t post this to debate whether a Trump supporter did this or not.

33C734E600000578-3570905-image-a-26_1462269367397I love this line – “This type of violence makes creatives feel like we live in a world where our individual creative input isn’t safe.”

I want to know her position on drawing Muhammad.

It would be interesting to know how it stacks up against Trump’s, who idiotically was against Pamela Geller, whose individual creative input was not only not safe, he implied that she should not be so creative lest we inflame the savages.


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  1. I think it’s a face tat: look tough and get a tattoo that looks like you’ve been punched in the face!

  2. Hmmm, she’s trying to sell her “artwork” of Trump for 1.87 million dollars in a London gallery. I’d say her whole story is bullshit and a bid to gain attention, embarrass Trump and gain a big payday. I hope the cops do a very thorough investigation of the incident and if they find she created this incident then arrest and charge her and hopefully the legal system will do it’s job.

  3. If it WAS a Trump supporter (which I highly doubt – story sounds too pat), I hope he never gets caught.
    If it was a setup (more likely), I hope the other persons and the whole story are exposed to the disinfecting daylight.

    “But we have to tell lies in order to further the narrative.”

  4. Seeing as how the whole area surrounding the eye is in no way inflamed/swollen, I’d say someone has a great future as a makeup artist.


  5. The reason why she has all that ink on her just to keep her “lover” interested, at least they have something to look at while she just lays there motionless.. also because of the note she got from her vibrator saying they can still be friends just without the benefits..

  6. OK, I suspect hoax. Google images if Illma Gore. She is a fan of bruised eye makeup for EVERY day wear. Then Google images of black eyes. The yellow, purple, swollen non-symetrical images of real injuries don’t look like Illma’s. Color too cosmetic, shape too even. I will apologize if I’m wrong, but I don’t think so.

  7. I’m not condoning violence, but these young people have to know that for somethings in this world there are some people that will punch you in the face. I saw her painting, not bad. She has talent. Unfortunately she chose controversy above art in this instance.

  8. Not a sTrumpet, but even I’d have to say that if it isn’t makeup, it’s (the love taps) been administered at her direction so as to increase the melodrama underwriting the $1.87 million the work is supposedly worth.

    I’m sure there’s a libturd out there who wants to own a piece of “history”.

  9. This type of violence makes creatives feel like we live in a world where our individual creative input isn’t safe.

    Interesting that she refers to her creative input instead of output especially when it is herself not being safe she sure seems to be griping about. I don’t understand what she means by her creative in- or output not being safe and I suspect she doesn’t know either.

    My own idea is that she walked into a glass door accidentally and had a flash that she could turn a slight bruise into some kind of payoff by playing the victim hoax.

  10. Black eyes go away. She should be more upset with the criminal nature of the jerk who put permanent ink stains on her neck.

  11. Somewhat OT: I am NOT a member of the smart phone set. Can someone please explain to me why a noticeably large percentage of selfies are taken in the driver’s seat of a car? Wut up wit DAT? Boredom in traffic?

  12. Ugh, neck and facial tattoos (a.k.a. everlasting jobstopper) means unemployable outside of NYC, SFO and LAX art scenes

  13. FAKE as Barky and Moochie….the shadowing around the supposed lump shows it…Libbies think they say something, accuse someone, the libbie corruptocratic media picks it up (would have been ignored pre Barky) and it blooms from lie to fact….then they hate sane people who call their rants fake…depraved little howler monkeys slinging shit is all they are…

  14. You have to give at least grudging respect to a candidate who can induce progs to punch themselves or each other.

    Speaking of political performance ahrt, I wonder how many fainters there will be at Hillarallies this Summer. I mean, besides Hillary. Or Huma.

  15. Had she (?) painted a short-dick Mahomet, she (?) wouldn’t now have a head in which to be punched.

    And she (?) knows it.

    She (?) is a steaming pile of hypocrisy.

    izlamo delenda est …

  16. Is she related to Michelle Fields…
    …attention whore of the moment, and all?

  17. My only question is why did the puncher stop punching her face before the job was even remotely finished?

    People like her make me wonder why we stopped burning witches?

  18. Definitely fake. These so called “creatives” participate in such bizarre behaviors, who knows how she got that designer black eye – a Trump supporter didn’t hit her. She’s trying to stay relevant in her socialist circle.

  19. I suspect she got the pimp hand when she came back from her night of standing on a street corner without enough money to show for it.

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