“Small Group” Complains IG Horowitz is Not Permitting Written Rebuttals During Principal Review Phase

CTH: The usurping group of FBI and DOJ officials we have called “the small group” have an established set of media operatives and outlets aligned to assist their narrative.  Tonight Devlin Barrett (Lisa Page and Peter Strzok’s favorite narrative engineer) publishes a report in the Washington Post highlighting their concerns.

According to the WaPo Inspector General Michael Horowitz is not allowing the ‘small group’ to provide written rebuttals to the IG report on FISA abuse during their principal reviews.  The outline by Devlin on behalf of the group also confirms our timeline.

(Via Washington Post) The Justice Department Inspector General’s office has told witnesses who are set to review draft sections of its long-awaited report on the FBI investigation of President Trump’s 2016 campaign that they will not be allowed to submit written feedback — one in a series of unusual restrictions that some fear could make the final document less accurate, people familiar with the matter said.

As is the case in most inspector general probes, witnesses are being invited to review draft sections of the report and offer comments and corrections, the people said. But — unlike most cases — they are being told those comments must be conveyed only verbally, the people said.

Even though Attorney General William P. Barr and other officials have been working in recent weeks to determine what should be redacted from the report as classified or private information, people familiar with the process said that the entire draft document is marked “Top Secret,” so anyone who discusses its contents outside a secure government room could be committing a crime.

Nothing in that series of paragraphs is unusual.

The “Top Secret” refers to classified material inside the FISA report which we already knew about.  Remember, President Trump authorized AG Bill Barr to declassify material in order to assist the IG investigation [Directive Here].  Until the report is made public all of that underlying material is classified.  Hence some special handling is needed and no notes etc. are permitted.  It’s not a conspiracy, it’s a matter of process handling.

The material inside the report is classified until the report is made public.  Ergo the report itself must be handled ‘as if’ it is Top Secret classified, because technically it still is. keep reading

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  1. “animated”.

    Really? Fake news is so frustrated with Trump they stoop to calling the meeting animated?

  2. You’ll have a chance to rebut at your trials, assuming the jail isn’t stormed and y’all aren’t lynched.

  3. Looks like you weren’t able to spin your way out of this now step over there and strip, it’s time for your cavity search.

  4. Yeah, we want to dilute the findings so we can skip away without answering for our criminal acts like we’ve always done.

  5. Was President Trump allowed “rebuttal” while these traitors were concocting their transparently treasonous impeachment proceedings?

    Isn’t that like the boy who murdered his parents begging for mercy on account that he was an orphan?

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