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“Smart” and “15-Minute” cities are a modern-day dystopian nightmare

Would you live in a honeycomb, little worker bee?

You’ve heard the term “smart city” used over and over again. It’s a new “buzzword” for the left, who are pushing a new way of living that includes social credits, carbon credits, mandatory sustainability, and loads of big brother watching and monitoring every little move you make and every item you consume.

Truth be told, there is a lot of left-wing propaganda out there surrounding smart cities; talking about what a wonderful gum-drop fairytale utopia they are.

But is that really true or is there more to the story?

The best way to address that question is to start off by defining what a “smart city” actually is.

Unfortunately, there’s not one “definition” of a smart city, but essentially the left describes them this way:

“smart city uses information and communication technology (ICT) to improve operational efficiency, share information with the public and provide a better quality of government service and citizen welfare.”

And going even deeper into what a “smart city” is, we look at what Stephen Goldsmith (former Deputy Mayor of New York City) says in an article in Datasmart (A Harvard University Publication).

Goldsmith says a city should be considered smart based on how well it meets the following ten traits.
1. Uses data to deliver city services based on where and when they can do the most good.
2. Creates digital platforms that allow it to use IoT data to improve the way it builds, maintains and uses physical infrastructure.
3. Makes public employees smarter in their work.
4. Enhances the way it listens to and involves the public.
5. Uses digital tools to operate more equitably.
6. Addresses sustainability and resiliency.
7. Protects privacy, security and transparency.
8. Acts in real time.
9. Focuses on its residents.
10. Adopts a new culture and organization.

All of that might sound great to folks who enjoy bing monitored and regulated, but it’s definitely not everybody’s cup of tea. MORE

25 Comments on “Smart” and “15-Minute” cities are a modern-day dystopian nightmare

  1. There is certifiable evidence you cannot make public employees “smarter in their work”; it just cannot be done.

  2. I hope I live to see the day when the Progressive Dystopian Dream is ground into the dirt by the heel of Humanity.

  3. Hospitals and nursing homes are a “modern-day dystopian nightmare.” OutdoorJohn would like for you to know about the big monies to be made as “social workers” in medical facilities where oldsters tend to seek treatment. All you have to do is push end-of-life, (i.e. hospice,) and do-not-resuscitate, (i.e. DNR,) “requests” on people who want to live. Tens of thousands of people in the United States spend all day, every day whispering, “death,” in the ears of elderly who just want to live.

  4. Just like CCP.
    They build factories then force the people who work there to live in the apartment building they’ve put up next door.

  5. “4. Enhances the way it listens to and involves the public.”

    Clearly, the “public” is NOT in command of its own future – no self-determination for you!

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Smart City is a GREAT idea. The fools flock into Smart City. Think of Smart City as putting the garbage in a garbage can. More open space in flyover contry for me.

  7. Rabbit hutchs same as many housing developments nestled in clumps and houses are 5-10 feet from one and other that all have the same basic design stamped out.

  8. The purpose of the Electric Car:

    To INTENTIONALLY limit YOUR RANGE, Your Job Choices, & your ability to Fuck Off to a FREE STATE.

  9. Government run…lets see, governmemt housing tenement/slum conditions meets motor vehicle department efficiency. What could possibly go wrong?

    This is a tired fantasy of psychopaths that life in the bee hive or any hill is more orderly and productive, and drones will be drones, unlike the self-annointed “leaders”.

  10. Why not cram as many people as possible into the smallest area possible? Look how well that works in Chicongo and Detroilet.

  11. Figure out how to cleanup hypodermic needles and feces first then maybe we can talk about advancing liberal utopias.

  12. Logan’s Run
    Judge Dredd
    Hunger Games
    Blade Runner

    I swear these people watch these dystopian movies and think, “Hey! What a great idea!”

  13. Planned Cities suck. Look at Brasilia, the Brazilian national capital, a soulless city of cement planted in a Brazilian outback.

    It has a 1950’s idea of what “modern” looks like – rocket ship architecture, inverted domes, wide boulevards, etc. A place of no feeling inhabited by government flunkies. The politicians have enough money to escape whenever they can to more lively places like Rio.

    Districts within the city are designed for certain functions – like a hotel area where all the hotels must be located. Who needs that? What if your business is 3 miles away from your hotel. I guess your uber/taxi costs will be pretty high.

    The whole damned thing is a monument to inhumanity and ugliness, forcing humans to work and live where the government tells them to. It is counter to the freedom God gave to us.

  14. The old Pete Seeger Little Boxes song has now become Big Boxes where all the people are the same and live under equally miserable conditions and all conform to the gubmints dictates or else. Fuck that.

  15. One of my favorite Dr. Seuss books with help from Jack Prelutsky and Lane Smith is called Hooray For Diffendoofer Day. The teachers name at the Diffendoofer school is named Miss Bonker and she’s a very unconventional teacher while the Principal is a very sad man named Mr. Lowe. Any way the sad Principal Mr. Lowe threatens the students at the Diffendoofer school with sending them to a school in Flobbertown if they don’t do well on a special test to determine which school is the best. The kids respond, “Not Flobbertown!” we shouted . and we shuttered at the name, For everyone in Flobbertown Does everything the same. It’s miserable in Flobbertown, They dress in just one style. They sing one song, they never dance, They march in single file, They do not have a playground, And they do not have a park. Their lunches have no taste at all, their dogs are scared to bark. The book ends up with the kids passing the test with flying colors due to Miss Bonkers teaching because she has taught them all they need to know about everything in an unconventional manner and the Principal Mr. Lowe even joins in the celebration afterwards. AHEM! AHEM!” coughed Mr. Lowe. ” “You all deserve a bow. I thus declare a holiday- It starts exactly now. Because you’ve all done so spendidly in every sort of way, This day shall be known forever as Diffendoofer Day. And furthermore, I promise I won’t ever wear a frown. For now I know we’ll never go To dreary Flobbertown. Perhaps we need a Diffendoofer Day so we don’t end up in Flobbertown. Hooray, Hooray, Hooray for Diffendoofer day.

  16. So when did complete and unquestioning trust in the government become a thing? Governments are necessary, but they are run by flawed and, in many cases, corrupt individuals who get to enforce their policies with a gun.

  17. beachmom,

    Remember X-Men where the “NEEDLE” was the Cure that all the EVIL GOVERNMENT wanted to inject you with and the HEROS were the ones who refused?

    Bizzaro world!

  18. As if we didn’t already have example after example, thousands of Woke Utopian Cities to learn from. New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Baltimore, etc, etc. get as far away from these hellholes as you can.

  19. Oxford(England)is already implementing a “15 minute city”. If a person wishes to travel outside of the limit area, they must first get “permission of the Council”. Said person must also have a pressing need or emergency to venture out of their assigned area. Think about that for a moment, “assigned area”. Does anybody reckon the Council will abide? Rhetorical question.

  20. It’s appropriate to hope many people find this way of living attractive and pleasant. Certainly there will be many flavors of these kinds of schemes so all those who wish to can find a salutary environment.

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