Smash and Grabs Turning Violent

LA thieves attack security guard in California’s latest Smash-and-Grab


Smash-and-grab thieves were at it again in California on the eve of Thanksgiving

A group of five suspects stole about $25,000 in expensive purses from a Nordstrom store in the Westfield Topanga mall in Los Angeles Wednesday evening. They assaulted and used bear spray on a security guard during the smash-and-grab, police said. 

“It’s unfortunate because these people that are here are just trying to shop for the holidays [and] for their families,” said LAPD Deputy Chief Alen Hamilton, according to CBS LA. “We’ve deployed extra officers here. It just so happened that this was one part of the mall where they were able to get in and get out, even with our officers being deployed here.”

The police force deployed extra officers to the mall following a series of mob theft attacks in the state in recent days, but the thieves targeted the Nordstrom at a moment when no officers were around, the outlet reported. 


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  1. More emissaries from the Black community demonstrating their morals and scruples by descending on businesses like locusts!

  2. Just wait until the food shortages. They will be coming out of the slums to your neighborhood within a week once their shelves are bare and the buildings burned.

  3. The looters are making a mistake hitting the upscale stores. Our betters, the virtue signaling commie voting gentry class leftists won’t long tolerate some BIPOC bums stealing THEIR goods! Loot a CVS or Walmart, hell, burn it to to the ground, have a ball! But, leave the Nordy’s or the Louie V alone! That’s OUR stuff!

  4. De looters, de be blik. Whoda thunk it. Can’t wait until these feral animals start doing home invasions of all the wealthy commie liberals. Everyone will be amazed at how quickly they start screaming for the cops to shoot to kill.

    Just watch.

  5. Kill em in the act.
    That’ll stop it.
    But the stores they’re hitting probably support an-fag, BurnLootMurder, and the Demonrat party – so, fuck em.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. ….Police deployed extra officers following a series of theft attacks…

    I think I might have spotted a tactical error…

  7. @ Tim – FJB NOVEMBER 25, 2021 AT 12:47 PM

    “Kill em in the act.
    That’ll stop it.

    The same tactic would work at the border too!


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