“Smile, You’re On Jihad Camera”

Justifying the stunt as an effort to keep Saudi youths from taking up jihad, some reality TV pranksters scared some taxi passengers nearly to paradise. shocking-jihadi-joker-candid-camera-show-tricks-terrified-youths-into-thinking-taxi-driver-is-suicide-bomber_1

 The taxi driver would pick up his fare as normal then start declaring his undying love of Allah and a desire to earn his 79 virgins.

He’d show the passengers the fake bomb belt round his waist and then the fun would really start.


 Because suicide bombers are funny, to Saudis.


7 Comments on “Smile, You’re On Jihad Camera”

  1. Boy, the oil economy must really be in the shitter for the Saudis if they have to offer 79 virgins instead of 72. Bet the king wipes his ass with twenties instead of Franklin–you gotta economize in these tough times.

  2. I have to confess to laughing when some time back I read about the suicide belt instructor who (oopsie!) blew himself and his students into meat gravel. So – there actually can be some humor to suicide bombers.

  3. “An effort to keep Saudi youths from taking up jihad”?

    Yeah, RIGHT. The ones who WOULD take up jihad were probably like, “Go, Achmed! One-way ticket to Paradise!”

    I’d love to see the outtakes from this show.


  4. Wahhabis get 79 goats? This is kind of like the Hell’s Angels I used to see doing the Toys For Tots rallies back in L.A. It’s a PR stunt. All those table cloth wearing camel piss drinking bare hand ass wiping goat rapists are jihadis at heart. You cannot separate jihad from islam. It is a violent death cult and always will be until eradicated.

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