Smithsonian Kicks Out High Schoolers for Wearing “Pro-Life” Caps – IOTW Report

Smithsonian Kicks Out High Schoolers for Wearing “Pro-Life” Caps

Washington Examiner

The Smithsonian Institution required staffers at the National Air and Space Museum to undergo training after a group of Catholic school students were told to remove their anti-abortion hats in order to enter the museum last month.

The incident reportedly happened on Jan. 20, after the annual March for Life, an anti-abortion protest that draws hundreds of thousands of demonstrators every year. Museum staff told the group of students from Greenville, South Carolina, that they could not stay in the museum if they did not remove their matching hats that said “Rosary PRO-LIFE,” according to the American Center for Law and Justice, which is representing the mother of one of the students. Continues

8 Comments on Smithsonian Kicks Out High Schoolers for Wearing “Pro-Life” Caps

  1. First off, I want one of those knit caps, very stylish.

    Lib civil servants feel emboldened to exert their will on the public because their bosses, also of like mind, will provide cover.

    When the cops violate your civil liberties or some dumbass kicks you out of a public building, pursue them civilly. Don’t get arrested, it’s not worth it, but document the incident and get witnesses.

    There are a number of right-leaning legal organizations that at looking for cases like these. Doing nothing allows them to keep doing what they do.

    And the fact that it happened to kids, is doubly egregious.

  2. I heard about it yesterday.
    Let’s see the woke design something other than a new shaped dildo & add a few more colours to the F@G FLAG.

  3. So, I see the Washington Examiner has adopted the woke language of the left. It is “pro life”, not “anti-abortion”.

  4. Anyone against pro-life are themselves race hating race exterminators, as seen with margaret sanger and karl marx.

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