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Smoke ‘Em While You Got ‘Em

WFB: The Biden administration is expected to crack down on vaping Wednesday, with the Food and Drug Administration requiring Juul Labs to remove e-cigarettes from the U.S. market, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The removal is part of an effort at the FDA under President Joe Biden to reduce nicotine consumption and nicotine levels in U.S. products. The agency announced in June it will also develop a proposed rule to establish a maximum nicotine level in cigarettes and other tobacco products.

The move comes on the heels of efforts by Democrats to hit tobacco suppliers after they had added a tax on vapes last year to the Build Back Better Act. The bill passed the House but was never taken up in the Senate. The $75 billion U.S. tobacco industry is likely to take another hit following the FDA’s proposed rules for nicotine regulation. more

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  1. BBB globalists want to reduce nicotine levels. Gee could not be because nicotine was found early on to prevent or limit covid.

  2. They’ll hand out crack pipes and hypodermic needles but you can’t have some nicotine.

  3. Ban everything when yer the great and powerful Oz… except for one thing, nobody ever informed Jackass Joe he’s just a monkey that can’t fly!

  4. E-cigs guess what? VERY BAD, no brainer. Should of been banned a long long time ago! Kids eatin em like candy!

  5. OK. The vax is bad. But vapin is good for u? That will be a bigly Big Mac NO! Yep we are taking your life away, one step at a time! Stu. Pid.

  6. Such bullshit. You can’t tell me that e-cigs are more unhealthy than the real deal. This is just more control freak bullshit from the usual cunts in charge.

  7. Who are all these rump rangers in here tonight?

    Been vaping since 2012, doctor says my lungs are scary fine. 99% blood O2, no sign of damage. Smoked since 1974, 2 packs a day. Vaping may not be perfect, but if ya can’t kick cigarettes it’s the best option. Haven’t looked back.

    Nothing bad about it as an alternative to smoking. They use vaporized glycerin in hospitals and doctors’ offices to keep bacteria and viruses down. Probably why I haven’t even had a cold in about 5 years, and never got COVID. Oh, and secondhand? God forbid you inhale some nicotine and are more lucid and pay attention to detail for a little while.

    Fuck off indeed.🖕

  8. Dude had a vape pen downtown H-town H-420
    Bro,if you catch my drift… I hit that Mo-Fo
    and went to see Alice in Wonderland…..
    strange dam toe-baccoo.

  9. The whole anti-tobacco thing is a big old sloppy job of social engineering gone wrong. Second hand smoke doesn’t deliver a large enough dose to be dangerous (poison = toxicity + dose). The EPA study that classified environmental tobacco smoke as a class A carcinogen was junk science.

  10. Nicotine is not a carcinogenic and studies showed it kept that big, bad covid virus away. The gov’t killed the tobacco industry, then cried because they missed all the money they made off of it. So they went after the vape industry, saying vaping is bad. Um, hell no, it isn’t. I still vape after it helped me quit smoking. That second-hand water vapor isn’t hurting you either. Mind your own damn business.

  11. But it’s ok for fake gov Hochul (NY) to urge heroin use and addiction while the dimwit buffoon Biden mails out crack pipes. The corrupt Hochul and Biden should mind their own effin business since I’ll smoke/vape as I want with relatives in other states sending to me. Truth is that Biden and his sewage associates want Americans to smoke-use-inject-snort illegally trafficked drugs like Hunter Biden to kill us off. Don’t let the shytheads fool anyone since they’re trying to distract from their otherwise known and publicized criminalities while attempting to urge evil and illegal drug use among minorities for the purposes of stepping on their necks and their votes.

  12. The people that make this vape stuff need to quit right now. It’s Un-American. In a time of war. Ukraine. C’mon, man.

  13. “I can’t stop smoking without my vape stick!” What a bunch of weenies. Quitting cigarettes is easy. I’ve done it at least ten times.

  14. Yet they have no problem injecting the population with a shot that has killed people faster than an e-cig.


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