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Smoke on the water

Japanese Style…

Japanese smoke on the water

h/t The Cape Fear Caller

Video is HERE

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  1. Just last week we were talking about early concerts, I saw Deep Purple in the early 80’s. Bad Company opened for them, it was the only time I’ve ever witnessed a band get booed off the stage, Bad Company sucked!

    However, The Black Crows in the early 90’s were equally bad if not worse. I think nobody cared, otherwise I should have seen another band booed off the stage.

  2. I ruv Deep Purpre, especiarry with Grenn Hughes, David Coverdare, Jon Rord, and Ritchie Brackmore!

  3. Zappa was THE force in music at the time.
    His midnight grossouts and theater back in San Diego where I grew up, to the Mothers, as described in this song, to his widely divergent music, Mozart and others would approve.

  4. That was cool as hell!…now, maybe they can focus on some Iron Butterfly, Devo, Talking Heads….grab them up some ZZ Top….beautifully corrupt and perfect!…Hell, try you out some Sinatra….

  5. I saw a Filipino band at a bar in Olongapo City in the Philippines play Smoke On The Water when I was in the Navy back in the 70’s. It wasn’t bad. But you’ve never lived until you’ve heard a Filipino band sing Johnny Cash’s Ring Of Fire. Of course all the San Miguel (Filipino) beer made it actually sound better than it really was. And one of our pastors at our church, an old rocker from back in the days could play a very good version of that Deep Purple classic.

  6. it’s very unnerving to watch hard rock being played by people sitting still with perfect erect posture and expressionless faces…..

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