Smollett Bond Proffer Lays Out the Detailed Case the Police Have Against Smollett

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  1. How can Jussie still have a job? Compare what happened to Roseanne for a misfired Tweet. She lost her show almost instantaneously and then her lifelong character was killed off.

    Jussie is still showing up for rehearsals proclaiming his innocence despite solid proof he is a hoaxer liar face. Bizarro world!

  2. In his early TV appearances he fooled the interviewer by looking believable. But everyone’s forgetting something: HE’S AN ACTOR. Of course he seems believable, that’s what his job is!

  3. This guy been up sheet Creek many times before, so to speak.
    I can’t see him fighting this in court.
    He tried to frame us and cooked his own goose.

  4. Who knows in this screwed up world. Maybe he has a split personality and one half of his brain is white and the other is black. Jussie #1 may hate Jussie #2 because of his skin color. It could well be a hate crime against his live in black vision, or is it the white girl/guy? Damn the judge will have problems getting this presented to a jury so they can understand it.

  5. Someone just said that “Jussie Smollett is what happens when the demand for racism is larger than the supply”…. Well said.

  6. White guy, put your MAGA hat on, prepare a 3 foot useless noose and walk around your town whistling Dixie and, when you have paid the $10,000,000 bail, let me know how you were treated as compared to what I will be shown on national media..

  7. This incident was done not for money, but to foment hatred against Trump and his supporters. If the camera had recorded something, the 24/7 looping playback would have excused Trump-haters as they acted out their violent fantasies against anyone they deemed deplorable.


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