Smollett Boxes Himself In- Says Photo Released by CPD “Are the Guys”


After scouring through surveillance video, police were able to capture an image of two people who authorities are calling “potential persons of interest.”

When asked why he thinks these are his attackers, Smollett responded, “Cause … I was there.”

“For me, when that was released, I was like, ‘Okay. We’re getting somewhere,’ you know what I’m saying?” he added. “I don’t have any doubt in my mind that that’s them. Never did.”


21 Comments on Smollett Boxes Himself In- Says Photo Released by CPD “Are the Guys”

  1. Someone attack him already so he can be correct?

    Fucker isn’t going to shut up with his lies that would shame a 3 year old.

  2. Needs an old fashion plantation whipping !
    Making white guy conservatives look like
    racists.The damage these libtard sodomites
    cause is unbelievable…

  3. I’m hoping the next thing we see in this nonsense is a timestamp for the pic and also camera location. I bet they don’t match up with his doctored phone log. Then throw his ass in the clink.
    Or, he’ll pull a northam and change his story. Again.

  4. I hope they find the guys and they turn out to be black as the ace of spades. The creepy little flit needs to be charged with making a false report. This isn’t funny anymore.

  5. This phucking faggot is getting more attention than the Benghazi
    disgrace. Color me pissed off. He’s a pucking liar; his manager is a phucking liar. Lock the wankers up. Jail them and impose big fine.
    This is sickening bullshit. Like the CPD has nothing else on their plate. Fugetaboutit!

  6. How the hell do you get mugged and doused in bleach, hold on to your phone, and keep eating your Subway?

    Why would you walk home with a string tied around your neck? Maybe that was his lover boy’s leash and he forgot to take it off.

    As FDR said, you foolishly scoffed at Margaret Sanger eighty years ago.

  7. This should have been a 9am to 5pm investigation. File it and go home to your family. But because he’s a homosexual celebrity, the Chief of the Chicago Police has to get involved. This is bullshit and every cop in Chicago knows it. But it will go on and on and on. Just like the Russia collusion bullshit.
    Color me pissed off. Can’t take this shit no more. JUST Can’t take it.

  8. Remember, Jussie, you simpering queer, no matter how cleverly you sneak up on a mirror, your reflection always looks you straight in the eye.

  9. Do an internet search of the attack on Kellyanne Conway. The headlines invariably go something like, “Kellyanne Conway SAYS She Was Attacked…”, “Kellyanne Conway CLAIMS Attacker…”. In Conway’s case, a suspect has been charged so clearly there must be evidence to support her “claims”.

    Meanwhile, there is not much to substantiate the sodomite’s story, yet his version of events is presented as fact in the MSM reports.

    Also, is the lying liar who lies wearing a “black power” lapel pin in his interview? Or does the fist on the pin signal some deviant sex that he is into?

  10. My roosters claim they are kangaroos.

    I don’t know where they get that democrat bullshit… it’s probably because they are welfare rats at heart. I feed them, they scream, they fuck, and if they could smoke crack they would.

  11. Jesus, what a worthless piece of shit lying faggot asshole. There is literally no kind of person on Earth I despise more than attention whore fuckheads like Jussie Smallett. JFC… the amount of time, energy, resources and absurd over-tolerance of this cocksucker’s shitty lies and anti-white racism is just beyond the fucking pale. It’ll be a travesty of justice if this cunt isn’t charged with a crime and sued civilly by the CPD for wasting their fucking time.

  12. Those are the guys, Jussie? So where’s the bottle of bleach, Slugger. HA!! Forgot about that little detail, din’cha?

    Of course, maybe one of them is holding the bottle inside his coat so it doesn’t freeze in the 20 below weather, right J-Dawg?

  13. Mule

    He is going to skate to “atone” for that “Travesty” of justice involving Laquan MacDonald — you know, the super athletic the kid who was hopped up on PCP and was armed with a knife capable of shredding automobile tires. Nothing to see here folks, there’s no danger to the general public

    Just a kid who is walking real fast past a group of police repeatedly shouting “Stop or we’ll shoot!” But no, it’s not like he’s trying to escape the crime scene


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