Smollett paid with a check?!

Patriot Retort:

Good grief.

Is Jussie Smollett a real life person or is he a character from a Coen Brothers’ movie?

He paid his phony MAGA attackers with a check.

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  1. With all the forethought that when into this adventure, I’m surprised Wussy is able to write. He could author of book, “How to screw yourself in three easy steps”.

  2. Is that a hoax? The check does not have a payor name and info on it plus the account numbers aren’t blacked out to “protect the account”; plus if it is evidence, why is it being released? Can he be so stupid as to write MAGA arrack on it?

  3. This guy has got to get serious time else you’re going to see one big difference.:
    June: Ward, honey where are you going with that bat?
    Ward: Oh, just out with some of the fellas June. Make sure the Beav gets to bed on time.
    June: Ward, what about Wally?
    –Wally appwars carrying a box of bottles with cloth wicks and filled with a clear liquid.
    Wally: Pops, this is all I could drain from Mom’s car.
    Ward: I’m sure it will be enough son.
    June: DARNIT Ward just where are you and Wally going?
    Ward: Just out to teach some folks about BS and breaking points dear. We’ll be back before morning.
    Beaver: Hey I wanna go to.
    Ward: Next year Beaver, next year.

  4. That’s a meme check.
    Plus the handwriting doesn’t match the FOX letter.


  5. This is a gift!

    We need to hold on to it and use it at the right time. Sparticus & the Whore are front runners; let them get all the money they can and then hammer them with “And you fell for the hoax- was it because you hate America so much that you just believed the narrative or is it because you are just stupid? Then ask “if you hate America so” or “your so stupid you can be easily tricked” “why should anyone vote for you to be POTUS?”

    The same question should be asked of every journalist that ran with the story and every actor that went on talk shows to piss and moan and the follow up questions should be “why should any American see or listen to anything you lend your talent to?”

  6. “The one that Smollett it, dealt it”
    refuse/resist – please always wear a name tag so I can avoid you on elevators.
    Great one!

  7. Oops, he forgot to put the word ‘fake’ in the memo line to read ‘fake MAGA attack’
    (but seriously, this has to be a joke?)

  8. Something tells me our justice system is going to dilute this to a nothing burger. Black (bonus points), well known and MSM fake news sucker embarrassment.

  9. I’m flattered you thought the check was authentic. I figured the account number was a dead giveaway it was fake. Well, that and the Patriot Retort watermark.

  10. I think the perfect union for America would be the marriage of AOC and the Smollett boy. I can see it now… “Sandy Smollett for President 2024.”

    Dump white-bread Riley. Toss that pussy for Jussie. After all, he’s going to learn a few fantastic new positions for lovemaking in prison.

    Oh, the humanity!

  11. In college, I had a monthly light bill from CIPS. Wondering how come the bill was always the same amount even though I was gone for a month over Christmas, I figured they were just screwing me.

    So I started sending them checks for payment made out to: CIPS Sucks

    They cashed every one of them without issue. Nobody looks checks over for accuracy or strange memo details.

  12. Now this is what Black “History Month” is supposed to be about. Too bad th FBI is on this white powder letter , they won’t find any intent.

  13. oh gawd. *smacks palm on forehead* its fake. wish i woulda clicked the link.

    dianny you bad, bad girl.

  14. I remember years ago, back in the late sixties, a corrupt and brutal cop in my District used to shake down homosexuals who he caught fucking around in subway toilets. One day he took a check from a queer business man. The man immediately contacted the District Attorney’s Office. I was interviewed by the DA’s office because it happened on my post. But I was on vacation when it happened and this dick was assigned to my post. The dick was arrested and some guys in the District started asking for donations for his defense. Me, and many others, told them to fuck off. He got fired. I don’t know if he went to jail or not and I never cared. He was a scumbag, and stupid. Should never have been “on the job”. Jussie is a scumbag and should never have a job on television again.
    Wonderful speech by the CPD Commissioner, telling these celebrities, media assholes, and presidentials canditates to fuck off.
    I’m sick, sick, sick of this bullshit!


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