Smooth Maracas


Hope n Change—In honor (and complete misunderstanding) of Palm Sunday, Barack Obama went in search of palm trees yesterday and ended up in the island paradise of Cuba. Assuming that your definition of “paradise” is “someplace you’ll be thrown in jail for life if you don’t say it’s paradise.”

In his never-ending quest to build a legacy, the president is normalizing relations with the oppressive communist dictatorship in hopes ofincreasing the number of investment opportunities for his wealthy donors, while decreasing the number of Cuban immigrants whose children might grow up to become conservative GOP presidential candidates.  more

4 Comments on Smooth Maracas

  1. And I’ll bet a dollar to a doughnut that when an autopsy is finally done on Teh Annointed Won, the doctors will find smooth brain lobes – a sure sign of lower mental functioning, and mental disorder. And isn’t that a description of Libtardism?

  2. Am waiting to hear what the Moose and the daughters are getting up to . Some Terrific Shopping I bet.Oh, where will they have Lunch?

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