Smug Leftist Dope, Dan Ancona, Says It’s “Racist” To Call Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas

Before someone writes, “who?” “who cares?” “never heard of him,” in the comments, maybe you should be cognizant that when we spotlight someone you personally never heard of it’s because we are trying to send a signal to others who hold the same view that they should perhaps STFU.

Uh, Dan, explain how it is racist to call a white woman who pretended to be native American “Pocahontas.”

Twitterverse did, indeed, ask this dope to explain. He responded, but it was not an explanation as to how this is remotely racist.

Dan Ancona, Extraordinary Western Liberal@DanAncona Guess this hit a nerve! You like facts, right? One of them was the test showed that sure enough, she had native ancestry. But it doesn’t matter. Calling people names based on racial identities is fucked up. We don’t let kids do it on playgrounds, but it’s ok for Trump?

Not only would I let my kid sarcastically call some other kid, who tried to gain an advantage on the playground by lying about his background, Pocahontas, I’d be proud of him.

LoveBreedsAccountability explained how this ISN’T racist-

If Elizabeth Warren actually were Native American, then calling her Pocahontas could indeed be considered at best a racial slur and at worst flat-out racism.

But it’s precisely because she’s not Native American in any even remotely meaningful way that the name Pocahontas is so effective. And hilarious. And not racist.

It would be like me calling you “Einstein” when you say something really stupid that you think is really smart. I don’t actually think you’re Einstein, nor am I attacking Albert Einstein. I’m being sarcastic, because you’re not at all the thing you claim to be.

She was just another iteration of Rachel Dolezal; a white woman pretending to be a different race in order to advance her career. Nothing more. Nothing less.

I mean you just gotta love these Democrats who lie about their race, ethnicity and heritage to advance their careers haha. This, despite their uniform claims that America institutionally hates and rejects anyone who isn’t white and American!



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  1. Oh look, another fat faggot with a beard spewing marxist bullshit. Amazed he’s not wearing a dress and carrying a parasol.

  2. Uh Dan. Aren’t you white? By your standards, it makes you a fucking white supremacist oppressor. And by your standards, Liz is racist for pretending to be an indian.

  3. Howbout you take that butt-plug out and insert the handle of a tomahawk in its place.

    Better yet, grab the nearest dude and smoke his pee-pee in your tee-pee.

  4. Right it is fine to call Trump and all white people that support him Nazis and white supremacists but mock a lunatic with 1/1024th Native American blood that benefited from the lie financially along with receiving preferential treatment and you are a racccissst. This is why no one is phased anymore by the term. It is the most misused accusation out there.

  5. I’m already a racist because I’m white. So, what the heck:

    Elizabeth Warren is Pocahontas
    Elizabeth Warren is Chief Full-of-Lies
    Elizabeth Warren is Fauxcahontas
    Elizabeth Warren is Hunts at Whole Foods
    Elizabeth Warren is Lyawatha
    Elizabeth Warren is Running Joke
    Elizabeth Warren is Taxagawea
    Elizabeth Warren is Sitting Bulls**t

  6. More of the mindless prattle from Planet Vacuous about “racism” cuz it’s whut makes the “News”… along with terms like Nazis, iSlamophobes, Klansmen, White Supremacists, Misogynists, Sexists, Xenophobes and Homophobes. This shit has been so over-blown on TV programming you’d think half of them live in yer own neighborhood if you believed any of it! It is nothing more than meaninglessness hyperbole any more that gets thrown around as a poor substitute for a cogent, rational statement! You know you’ve won the argument when they whip out the long knives… I mean Nouns!

  7. Hey Dan; When Warren returns the half million dollars she got as a professor solely due to her own lying that she was Native American and she apologizes to the entire nation for her despicable act in doing this, well when she does all that I am more than happy to stop calling her Pocahontas.

  8. Is that a plaid shirt? What the matter, all the spandex in the wash?
    Your man card has been denied and suspended, no more plaid for you.

  9. How is calling a pretend-Indian Pocohantas racist, exactly?
    How is calling out someone’s racial pretentiousness racist but being a racial pretend isn’t?
    Let’s define some terms, here, “Squaw-Rooter,” and not just throw out words in the hope that they stick.

    Define “race.”
    Define “racist.”
    Define “obviously.”
    Define “bullshit.”

    Yeah, I know, Sandy O’Cortez told us that “… a lot of people more concerned about being precisely, factually, and semantically correct than about being morally right …” so, which are you? Is it morally right to defend a pretend Indian or is it precisely, factually, and semantically correct? Is it precisely, factually, and semantically correct to pretend to be an Indian (and to take promotional and financial advantage of that pretense) or is it morally right?

    Just “swallow a little” and let us know.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. I don’t call her anything but Grey Beaver. Friends and I were coming up with an Indian name for her and Grey Beaver was my contribution to the project and I have stuck with it.

  11. I never called her Pocahontas because she not that person.

    I will continue to call her LIAWATHA because she is just that.


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