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Michelle Obama Does Funny or Die, Because Junk Food is Killing Us All

Funny or Die released a new video today featuring a very special cameo from Michelle Obama. It’s a parody of The Hunger Games, Divergent, et al, crossed with a healthy eating PSA.

The resulting video, “Snackpocalypse,” is not remotely funny.

Yeah, yeah, kids are not eating healthy enough, whatever. The joke falls flat, though—it’s too generic. The creators could have replaced junk food with any other perceived social problem and made pretty much the same video. Snack food-shaming fits here only because it’s what Michelle Obama is best known for.

This isn’t the first time an Obama has appeared in a Funny or Die video; President Obama sat down for a scripted interview with Zach Galifianakis on his awkwardly hilarious “Between Two Ferns.” The video was a plug for and did earn some laughs, despite being propaganda. “Snackpocalypse,” on the other hand, is unfunny propaganda. [ MORE ]


Sorry if you watched this and then lost your lunch…

11 Comments on Snackpocalypse

  1. Mooch news flash, the stuff you are banning from school lunches was the stuff baby boomers ate when we were in school spaghetti, pizza, etc . It did not make us fat. So instead of changing something that is not broken, try looking into what has changed for the baby boomer’s grandkids. Drive or bus them anywhere they need to go instead of walking to school. Come home get in front of computer instead of playing outside in the neighborhood unsupervised until dark. restricting what jobs they can do, or not even letting them do any at all. I was push mowing a widow lady’s yard as a preteen and still have all 20 digits. Get the message you controlling non elected bitch?

  2. I cannot watch something she is in. However, from all indications, the kids are voting against her cardboard meals with their wallets.

    She is single highhandedly killing the school lunch program which should kill subsidies. The freeloader hopefully will someday have to make their own kids their own lunches and use their fun government cards to pay for baloney.

  3. @Noodengr – Don’t forget recess, PE and after lunch playground time in grade school. And then PE in Junior High and High School.

    Amazing how simple AND cheap getting exercise is if you want to keep kids fit and trim.

  4. She is a slag.

    And who were those ugly broads in bed with her? Distructive and jealous describe her. She, like killery, are pissed their husbands put them on the map.

  5. It was funny until The Black Eva Braun showed up.


    And SHE’S supposed to be “the good guy”?!?

    I was waiting for another archer.

  6. As Rush says, in order to be funny, there has to be an element of truth. Obviously, liberals have no sense of humor and their attempts to be funny die.
    In Talllahassee, near Leon HS, on one of the busiest streets in town, it is funny to see the students go over to the convenience store across the street and get their food at lunchtime. Those with cars hit McDonalds, etc., while the MO meals are avoided like the plague. I’m sure that scene is repeated all over the country.

  7. These people are so clueless that they don’t even realize they are mocking and condemning Liberalism! The free stuff promised by Liberals rots the brain and then becomes compulsory. You are left with a society of zombies.


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