Sniff Before You Sip

PSA from Doc.

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  1. Did that cup of coffee in that picture belong a guy named Dick or Peter by any chance? I have never understood how they do such a thing creating designs like in a cup of coffee/ And how much does it cost and overpriced is it? Coffee should just be coffee, no foo foo frills. Maybe it’s gay coffee and belongs to Petey B or any other gay guy. The best part of waking up is the picture of a pecker in your cup! Or maybe it’s the new Jizz brand of coffee.

  2. We’re eating shit in this crisis so we might as well drink it. It’s shitacular!

    I’m referring, of course, to refinancing “The Everything” debt bubble’s collapse with a brand new debt bubble of global proportions. This will lead to the end of the Dollar and a new world-wide, totalitarian currency: The ₷hitter.

    “How much is that model?”
    “That’s a lot of ₷hit!”
    “No ₷hit?”
    “No ₷hit!”

  3. Different Tim
    MARCH 26, 2020 AT 7:23 PM
    “I’ve got a Keurig, I’m gonna need more detailed instructions.

    1) Obtain one of those inserts that allow you to use loose coffee grounds in your Keurig, the kind that’s plastic with stainless screens, the kind that looks like a mini cheese grater.

    2) Use the OUTSIDE of the stainless screen insert like a corn cob. DO NOT INSERT RECTALLY.

    3) Fill the INSIDE with your favorite grounds.

    4) Place insert in your Keurig, wetting the matter on the OUTSIDE as needed.

    5) Brew a highly individual cup of recycled YOU.

    6) Enjoy the coffee and it’s laxitive effect.

    7) Repeat.

    …full disclosure: I’m not a coffee drinker, so the taste makes me think that’s what y’all have been doing ALL ALONG, but what do I know…

  4. @Zonga March 26, 2020 at 8:05 pm

    > you’re supposed to use it for the coffee FIRST

    Chasten says “It still changes the taste”


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