SNL Tosses All Men Under The Sexual Assault Bus

With the news being dominated with sexual misconduct, the women of SNL thought they’d take a crack at some social commentary. Parodying a Katie Perry video, they insinuated that sexual harassment is rampant and has been prevalent throughout history, i.e. women have always been victims of all men everywhere.


This stupidity excuses the misbehavior of sexual abuse among democrats by lumping all men in with their perverts. It confuses the root cause of leftist permissiveness with being male for explaining the sudden rash of sexual abuse allegations of powerful men.

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  1. If I were into Socialism, I would express my relief that someone else has finally defined the fabric of my very being.
    But I AIN’T and I DAMN sure don’t need some pussy hat wearing POS defining my character, personality nor my nature.

  2. I predict that just about any woman with a flat tire will find it hard in the future to find any man willing to stop and help her………..and AAA will only be able to find women to run their service trucks…………..that being a great conclusion to all this. may be just another trolling software for women to find $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  3. SO “edgy”:
    rich C*NTS b!tching about getting famous and wealthy
    by using men and then…well…
    …just b!tching about
    having to admit HOW THEY GOT THERE
    without admitting it.

    Yeah, that’s “hell.”

  4. So… Let me see if I can work the math:

    All “men” (I’m going with “things with Y-chromosomes” here, we’ll cover why shortly) are sexual predator rapists.

    The matriarchy’s cloning jars (ignoring “Xerox” degeneration) don’t exist. (DAMN YOU STEM BIGOTS!) And won’t exist before the current generation of humans die of old age. (DAMN YOU STEM BIGOTS!)

    Either we exterminate the human race (Gaia smiles), or we accept that, like the gravitational constant, human survival is completely (absolutely, like “all”) indivisible from sexual predator rapists.

    Womyn, you can either kill yourselves (which, by the way, eliminates your carbon footprint, and, again, Gaia smiles), or you can just lay back and enjoy it (or, at least, shut the hell up about it, nothing’s gonna’ change, because nothing can change. DAMN YOU STEM BIGOTS!)

    Hmm… carry the one, move the decimal place, and… why, hey there!, count me all in!

  5. Well, that was stupid.

    I do finally understand why liberal women are so angry…cuz liberal men are disgusting pervs.

    It’s not like that in my world.

  6. Wait, is SNL saying it’s now OK to swing around to Tina Fey’s place, push your way in and assault her until she passes out?

    Asking for a friend.


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