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Snopes Fact Checks “Let’s Go Brandon” Songs

I hope these idiots never realize how much attention they draw to stories they are trying to bury.

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  1. You know it’s getting to leftist pukes when they try to gaslight people into thinking it’s not significant. Let’s go Brandon!

  2. I like the section where they say Digital Music sales have been dropping for years.

    That’s right jackasses, I-phone, Android, Sonos, sirius etc. are all analog like cassette, 8-track, LP, & reel to reel.

    If Sales are down it is because Concerts & touring were greatly reduced during the Lockdowns.

  3. How fucking insane are the deep state news media?

    1. They literally invented the term “Let’s go Brandon!” to narrate away an obvious chant of “Fuck Joe Biden!” at a NASCAR event.

    2. Now they are claiming the right invented “Let’s go Brandon!” as a code phrase for “Fuck Joe Biden!”, when, in fact, it was a news reporter that invented it as a flat out lie.

    People don’t just chant “Let’s go Brandon!” as a fuck you to gropey Joe, but also as a clear sign that they know they’re being lied to constantly by the deep state “news” media.

  4. /off topic – I think using the latest slang can sometimes hurt our Conservative cause and distract the LoFo’s attention.

    *Why say “gaslight” when we can say “bullshit”, a term that any English speaker understands?

    *Why say “collude” when we can better describe it with the word “conspiracy”?

    *Why say “tropes” when it can be better described by saying “stereotypes”?

    /Off rant


  5. SNOPES= a ‘john’ who got busted by cops for buying the services of a prostitute and the SNOPES ‘assistant’ who is said prostitute.

  6. Their lame attempt at lying….
    “… digital music sales are no longer the best indication of a song’s popularity.”

    Apparently itunes saying Let’s Go Brandon is no. 1 isn’t good enough for Snopes propaganda team.

  7. This shitstain lived right down the street from me, he may still for all I know. Word on the street is he is not particularly bright.


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