SNOPES Lied- Life Insurance May Be Void With Covid Vax

Tore Says:

It’s interesting how BIG CORPORATIONS are pushing for the people of the United States to get the COVID VACCINE that is EXPERIMENTAL. There is a motivating factor for that. Actually there are a few.

Firstly, by “mandating it” they are able to collect health data, genetic data and well — oodles of data. Data is this century’s GOLD. The flip side. Isn’t it interesting how all the OLD people got the vaccine first? Turns out – LIFE INSURANCE policies WON’T PAY OUT on death either because of the vaccine or later in life.

YES. Millions of Americans just got shafted out of their life insurance policies.

This discussion began a few weeks ago and it’s taken us that long to determine that SNOPES is full of it. After all we know they “Fact Checking” they do. In fact they quoted a Canadian Company (this is the United State of America … we have no Queen) and a lame response from a LOBBYIST who in essence has ZERO authority to speak for MetLife, State Farm etc..


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  1. Doesn’t change anything because they’re never going to inject their bat booger juice into me.

  2. Folks, this goes deeper than insurance issues. Watch this, please. It’s only 30 minutes and it’s astonishing. The first minute is in black and white, and should grab you.
    Very alarming, to me anyway.

  3. Not liking where this thread is going, good thing I haven’t gotten jabbed, not that I can get the shot right now anyway, other meds suppressing my immune system.

  4. In the interest of due diligence, I did a search for “COVID-19 vaccine life insurance”, which returned numerous articles from many outlets across the nation.

    Every one of them said the same thing: getting the vaccine will not affect your life insurance policy. Not because these outlets were in agreement, but because they were referencing the same, single source: the American Council of Life Insurers. (The very same source Snopes used in their “fact check”.) None of them referred to the policy of any individual life insurance company. None of them contacted any individual life insurance company for confirmation and clarification. Not one.

    Talk about creating the illusion of consensus.

  5. I got a feeling i know how this will go.

    Gets gene therapy, dies, ins co won’t pay, blames something else, libtard media claim we are conspiracy theorists and the insurance co denied the claim for some other reason and they have it in insurance company’s writing.

  6. I sell insurance. Not a big agency, but I have about 100 life insurance policies in force. I have not been able to get a definitive answer if a death benefit would be paid out if there was an adverse reaction to a COVID vaccine that caused death. I will make this part of my conversation the next time somebody wants to purchase a life policy.

  7. That’s not me^^^

    Will the insurance companies also refuse to pay out if you die “from Covid” because you refused to get vaccinated?

  8. “This discussion began a few weeks ago and it’s taken us that long to determine that SNOPES is full of it.”

    Kinda’ slow on the uptake there Bucko. Snopes is, or maybe was, maybe still is located right up the street from me. It has never been a reliable source.

  9. How would a life insurance company know whether a deceased insured client had been “vaccinated” or not?


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