Snowflakes got nothing on mainstream media in desperate search of their victim card

CFP: “Hardy-Har-Ha!”.  The sound of canned laughter when the heroes of the mainstream media convened for their ongoing Donald Trump-hate-fest at last night’s Dinner with No Dignity White House Correspondents’ annual get together.

They tossed a morale boost to their disgruntled heroes, 2016 election losers Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton;  a pathetic stab at bravado while their industry heads deeper into irrelevancy and financial failure.

Records were broken at the feast.  Hardy-Har-Har comedian Hasan Minhaj got a standing ovation for lines such as “Trump, the Liar-in-Chief, which he swiped from patriots who called Obama just that a thousand and one times before.

“Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein spoke to the White House Correspondents Association dinner, recalling their most famous story to the press corps gathered as the media is under attack from President Trump and others in the administration.” (Variety, April 29, 2017)

In the topsy-turvy world in which they star, it’s the downtrodden bedraggled media— and not the president— who is under attack.

Send for the healing sawbones like yesterday,  president of the WHCA this year, Jeff Mason of Reuters.  (See Canada Free Press)

Woodword and Bernstein should get real and up to date. Watergate went down 45 long years ago.  It’s high time to break the next ‘scoop’, and the ‘Russians Stole the Election’ isn’t it.   read more

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  1. “Records were broken at the feast. Hardy-Har-Har comedian Hasan Minhaj got a standing ovation for lines such as “Trump, the Liar-in-Chief, which he swiped from patriots who called Obama just that a thousand and one times before.”

    Except that *WE* weren’t joking.

  2. It’s time these photos show the weakend SNOWFLECK – yes the Male of the species. Looking like the sad boys they are .

  3. The media is hemorrhaging credibility, and I’m surprised they haven’t bottomed out already. They’re certainly trolling the bottom, like Mariana trench bottom. May it be spectacular when they hear that whump.

  4. Woodword and Bernstein: Fcuk these two and their phychophants in the media! With all the democRat skullduggery going on since Watergate, surely there was ONE story they could have broken! Where were they for the past thirty years reporting on all the criminality of the Clintons? Where have they been for the past eight years where they could have investigated the criminality of the Øbamboozler and the Communists he surrounded himself with? Did they NOT have the freedom to investigate the mis-use of the IRS against political enemies? Did they NOT have the freedom to investigate the use of the EPA as a weapon against industry? Did they NOT have the freedom to expose the rise of terrorism on the Øbamboozler´s watch due to his arming and funding of terrorists and terrorism? Did the Media NOT have the freedom to call out the fact that the Øbamboozler refuses use the term iSlamic Terrorism? There IS a reason, but they refuse to look! Hand me the phone, I’m calling Bullshit! They are the Gaslighting Icons of the Press!

  5. “Designated Survivor” is more real than the reality most of them live. The sneaky glances and half-a-smiles evidenced when viewing this event make even a salty old sailor heave his crackers.

  6. It’s not as much an attack on Trump and his agenda as it is an attack on the foundation of the Untied States.

    Anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, Globalists, Soros backed Socialist/progressive democrats, communists, racist BLM parrots and ANTIFA supporters masquerading in new suits, make-up and national “news” forums.

    The media openly and deliberately provokes and covers left wing, violent rallies and riots, carefully interviewing, showing select hand carried signs with catchy slogans and reporting from the very bowels of the beast with a supporting tone while decrying law enforcement’s feeble attempts to maintain law and order.

    Joseph Goebbels laid the foundation, strategy and guide book for the socialist/progressive/communist democrats, anarchists and the rabid liberal butthurt.

    The media role couldn’t be any more harmful to the United States.

  7. These punks are so used to getting it their way, ever since the mid-70s. From network news to mass entertainment, they are so used to having it their way that it has become entitlement to them.

    Enough American s are now so fed up with the media’s bullshit that they finally gave a stiff tug on the silver spoon hanging out of Media’s diseased mouth, and Media doesn’t like it. Not one bit. We haven’t begun to hear the peak of their wailing yet.

  8. “Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein re-re-re-“…recalling their most famous story…” to themselves for the thousand and oneth time.

    Correspondents despondent to their rotten apple Cores. They put up a pretty, phoney fake news front on TV, but in reality World their Tells are telling different tales.

    Joe Scarborough. Nicole Wallace. Elise Jordon.
    Here see ye swamp Snakes. Underminers. Subverters.
    Press label Republicans. Tough Times for Them.
    NeverTrumpers? Nevermind.

    Hey Joe, ain’t seen ya lately. What’s Up?
    Still playing that One Note in your head?
    Tomorrow is a New Day, Joe. Triangulate.
    Donny Douche Deutsch, Mika, Mourning Joe.
    Triple DDD Massengil. Physician approved.

    Your move, msJoe.

  9. @ cato Well said, but it’s not so much “The media openly and deliberately provokes and covers left wing..”, as they glamorize and celebrate it, violence and all.

  10. Deliberately glamorizing and celebrating such actions does indeed provoke the Left wing into doing more of it. Ignore it and it removes the incentive.

  11. Cato — You hit the nail squarely on the head. The media, news and otherwise, are not arrayed only at Trump or the Republicans, but it is at war with everyone in this country who values the rule of law (simply, the Constitution), decent or moral personal behavior, real education, personal and national sovereignty, national security, the God-given rights of freedom and the right to self-protection.

    There is, effectively and utterly, no difference between the media at work in the U.S. today than the twisted, lying propaganda outlets of the Soviet Union, Communist China or of any tin pot dictatorship of past or present in the world. And so far as their relative ability to harm the U.S., I can think of no other entity around today except ISIS and NOKO (if one of their nuclear warheads winds up working).

    I like the idea of dubbing the media “Fake News”, but “Yellow Journalism” evokes the history of the unethical practice and the disrepute of it in a much stronger way. Fake News sort of makes it sound harmless, which it is not.

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