Snowstorm dumps snow, disrupts travel in Midwest, heads to Northeast



Jan. 19 (UPI) — A major winter storm was dumping several inches of snow and causing travel headaches in the Midwest as residents in the Northeast braced for trouble hitting them this weekend.

More than 100 million people in the United States — about 30 percent of the nation — were facing heavy snow, strong winds and frigid temperatures, CNN reported.

The storm was causing air travel problems as 1,906 flights had been canceled and 1,424 flights were delayed on Saturday by midday, according to FlightAware. At Chicago O’Hare International Airport, 29 percent of the destination flights and 35 percent of the original flights were canceled. Other flights at the third-largest airport in the nation were delayed.

Chicago was hit by its first winter storm of the year, starting on Friday night.

Northern Illinois had snowy and icy roads, with the heaviest snow in the northern suburbs, the Chicago Tribune reported. Highwood recorded 8.8 inches of snow and McHenry had 10 inches as of 8:53 a.m., according to the National Weather Service.

In downtown Chicago, more than 5 inches had fallen compared with 4 inches at O’Hare and 3 at Midway, the other major airport.

Forecasters said snow would stop in Northern Illinois but it would be windy and colder from Saturday night into Sunday morning. Temperatures were about 30 in downtown Chicago and in the mid-20s at the airports as of about noon, but will be dropping into the high teens Sunday.

On Friday, the storm slammed Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska. At Eppley Airfield in Omaha, Neb., the airport closed for several hours Friday after a Southwest Airlines flight went off a runway into an overrun area while taxiing.  keep reading

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  1. In NE Ohio it started at 10:00AM and is still going 12 hours later. It’s expected to stop around 4:00AM Monday. Tuesday will bring rain and snow. Whoopieeeee! At least it’s a lighter snow rather than those fat heavy wet flakes. We’re only at a Level 2 emergency so far.

  2. The Chicago winter of 77-78:

    First time ever O’Hare airport shut down completely…
    Over 80 inches of snow..
    One of the coldest January’s on record…. 15-20 days below zero.

  3. I drove across eastern West Virginia and western Maryland this evening, through the southern portion of this storm. Not a lot of snow, but the roads were coated with sleet and freezing rain.
    Weather like this brings out the two M’s – morons and maniacs.
    Morons are the ones who have no business driving in this kind of weather, doing 5 mph in the middle of an expressway with the flashers on, or stopping at the bottom of the hill and then trying to restart and sliding sideways, blocking all traffic lanes.
    Maniacs are the ones who are still trying to drive the speed limit and passing the morons on both the right and left sides, or tailgating them. They almost always have 4 wheel drive vehicles, but have no idea that that doesn’t help STOP a vehicle once it starts sliding…

  4. Man, I feel for those whose lives are being complicated by Al Gore assured global warming. Sure hope their air conditioners are working as advertised. Right Al?
    What say you college professors? Hey, all you smarty pants MSM Wizards of Smart: How you dealing with all this heat?

  5. Here, out in the West side of Cleveland, with stories about the blizzard of ’78, the radio was predicting up to 15 inches with a more likely 6 – 12. Yeah, this morning I will have to use the snowblower, but I can tell you it ain’t no blizzard of ’78, cuz I wuz in it. There is a nice blanket of snow out there, contoured by the wind that kids are going to have fun in. Hello Winter.


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