So Docs, What’s in the Damn Vaccine??

Entire Video HERE – It’s a fascinating panel. All four who chime in have a lot of really concerning information.

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  1. And then he said, “Why don’t I pass along what someone in the medical profession sent me?”

    A lab to remain nameless so I don’t get repercussions came out today stating that they were notified that the mRNA COVID-19 vaccinations may cause a false reactive also called false positive result on the RPR non- Treponemal Syphilis screen within 5 months of vaccine administration. Please interpret results in conjunction with patient history and risk factors.

    The terms above mean, Non-treponemal antibodies are what is detected by the test called rapid plasma reagin (RPR) assay, which is typically positive during current infection and negative following treatment or during late/latent forms of syphilis.”

    So your telling me that if you got the COVID-19 Vaccine and within 5 months of receiving it you are tested for Syphilis you could get a false positive and be told you have Syphilis when you don’t.

    This just keeps getting better and better, insert eye roll.

  2. The boosters:

    28% Bill Gates epithelial cells + 34% Fauci colonoscopy scrapings + 18% Hillary Clinton pap smear + 20% Xi sperm.

    Take your booster NOW!

    (Hey! Loco started it.)

  3. Does this mean we’re going to get another round of “You don’t know what the eleven secret ingredients are in KFC chicken and you eat that, so get the damn jab already”?

  4. My PCP is a liberal, who is on staff with the Vanderbilt Medical Group, a hardcore lefty organization, along with the whole Vanderbilt University and Medical Center.

    At my last annual physical in February last year, we had a lively discussion about why he thought I should and why I thought I shouldn’t, take the jab. I’m looking forward to this year’s physical next month, when I can tell him….”see, I told you so”. But before I do, I will ask him to tell me what EXACTLY is in the experimental solution that he wants to put in my body.

  5. I am so totally over this topic. It’s ground hog day every day. I hear on local news when I go to bed. I hear it on local news when I arise. I hear all day. Covid Covid Covid Covid Covid Covid Covid I see single individuals in automobiles driving around with face diapers on.

    Kindly go fuck off. I was done months ago. It’s time to go militant against the sheep. This shit has to stop

  6. Fireworks.

    Fireworks, PHenry. The best are the long string of Chinese firecrackers. I tossed a pack of those out muh car window near a maskhole. Super satisfying.

    I also have 4 or 5 confetti canons. Haven’t found anyone to shoot them with yet though.

    Rural life.

  7. No….not really.I just stuff them under a hat. Can’t stop the loud HE-HAW!!! I make whenever I laugh though….

  8. Oh please Mister Mayor. Oh please Miss Governor. May I please go get a chicken McNugget? Grovel grovel grovel bow and scrape

    This is subservience and the opposite of what Americans are supposed to do.

    It should be… mr mayor, I am about to shove this burrito up your ass and don’t complain about the spiciness or I’ll go to full habanero.

    Do we understand each other you miserable motherfucker?

    Yeah. I thought so.

    (Sorry. Super cranky tonight).

    I will throw in a dozen roses, undethorned.

    I am so done with these people.

  9. More people are asking questions and that’s good.
    Perhaps resistance isn’t futile.
    We wont all be complacent sheep, Bob

  10. There are labs (one on each coast) that have the ability to break any physical formula down into its molecular structure. I’m surprised it hasn’t been done already.


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