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So Funny I Forgot to Laugh Part Deux


At a campaign event in Indiana yesterday, U.S. Senator and GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz (R-TX) was met by an attendee who asked him to sign a copy of The Communist Manifesto as a joke.

As a joke. Asking the son of a Cuban dissident (who, for those who don’t know, was imprisoned and tortured by Fidel Castro’s Communist regime) to sign The Communist Manifesto.
A real knee-slapper, that one.

Next, go ask Bernie Sanders to sign Mein Kampf “as a joke.” I’m sure it will be just hysterical. Go ahead. We’ll wait.

Believe it or not, Cruz actually signed the book.  more

7 Comments on So Funny I Forgot to Laugh Part Deux

  1. Perfect, Cruz!

    It is amazing that the term, ‘scrape the barrel’, gains refreshed illustrations everyday, when illustrating just how stupidly low a human can act. How do people come up with new ways to display their lack of humanity, class, respect, education, common sense, and doltish behavior?

    Cruz seems to keep his senses and rather than point out the ignorance, or yelling, ‘Get ’em outta here!’, he calmly fights it.

  2. MJA, you know Rafael Cruz fought to depose Batista, not Castro, right?

  3. It was my understanding that Cruz’s father first JOINED Castro and only later became disenchanted with him.

  4. And hundreds of millions have been murdered …

    he left that out …

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. it was the Batista boys that imprisoned & beat R. Cruz, Sr., not the Castro boys. R. Cruz, Sr. was a Castro boy

    …. it’s in R. Theodore’s book, if one cares to read it….

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