So, Jonah Goldberg Doesn’t See the Press Corps as Deviants? Is He Kidding?

First of all, they omitted the part where McEnany listed the illegality of Flynn’s name being leaked. That’s GOOD JOURNALISM right there.

Second of all, McEnany is not the press, she is combatting the deviants who sit in that press room and are doing the work of the democrat party. PERIOD. That is all they are paid to do, make Trump look bad.

I hope Jonah is well compensated.

ht/ Jerry Manderin

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  1. Here’s another one that I wonder about. He seemed a normal conservative, a decent author. Liberal Fascism fired on all 8 cylinders. Whatinthehell happened? coughTrumpcough

    I’d bet my last donut that he would have been happier losing with Jeb! ‘splain that one Lucy. No Gorsuch. No Kavenaugh. God knows where we’d be with China. NATO continuing to pants us. The God forsaken Iran Deal and the Paris Climate Pact a reality. I mean on & on.

    Flynn in jail. Not a smidgen of corruption now the new history…

    No, he’s a fuckwit.

  2. This shiteater has been conducting himself as a fraud for several years, masking his true thoughts until Trump came along and he could no longer contain himself.
    He is now roundly despised as the Quisling he is.

  3. Either Goldberg is the public mouthpiece of Bush dynasty prevarications, or
    at some time in the past, Trump said or did something that Goldberg took personally.

  4. Cannot stand Goldberg, and didn’t even watch the video – it’s too predictable. Plus, just seeing Chris Wallace in the screen shot told me everything I needed to know.

  5. Why does Chris have a show on Fox? Sometimes I think he would be more comfortable on CNN or MSNBC (and for God’s sake why did Fox hire that lying cheat Donna Brazille? They couldn’t get Hillary?).

  6. By the way, Goldberg is a nobody. Look up his bio on wiki. English major at Goucher College (a woman’s college until @the year he went there) and a mommy who is a literary agent and was friends with Linda Tripp.

  7. After President Trump leaves office in Jan 2025, and begins running OAN, Fox Snooze will be battling CNN for last place status .

  8. Goldberg reminds me of Ann Coulter, two ‘conservative’ commentators, who I used to admire, but have gone off the deep end once the spotlight was taken off them.

    Coulter has gone bat soup crazy.

  9. Caveat. I have never heard of The Wrap and I don’t subscribe to Twitter. Who knows if her pro Sessions rant is true? I know she keeps claiming that Trump isn’t building the Wall, which is false.

  10. @MMinAR May 25, 2020 at 1:50 pm

    > He seemed a normal conservative

    Because he is. He is, still, a card carrying Conservative™. This is what they are. This is what they have always been. This is why they exist.

    In this, the current year, I won’t speak ill of kiddie diddlers. But, if you don’t want people to think you diddle kiddies, then… maybe… just maybe?… you should quit calling yourself a loyal NAMBLA supporter.

  11. Jonah looks like he is the first in line at the all you can stuff in your face buffet at the nightly cocktail parties he is attending in DC, seems he has gained about 150# around his face since I first saw him w/RedState blog, which I deleted and blocked after his first rant when PDJT started his campaign and JG started his JEB!!!!man crush and daily fantasies holding JEB’S hand while he slept walked through the primaries and proved he wasn’t fit for the job and left Jonah at the alter. I guess being the pivot man in Bill Crystal’s nightly circle jerk appeases him. Chris Wallace is his mentor during the circle jerks, having been pivot man to his daddy and Dan”the truth!!!”Rather when they got together in CBS hdqtrs in NY and DC.

  12. Goldberg was the progenitor of the #NeverTrump “movement”. He’s Kristol without the charm.

  13. Jonah has been a GWB loving Ronny hating UNIPARTY MAN FOR 30 YEARS. Way too old to change now. He will die a Bush lover!

    If you red liberal GOP sites Jonah was a power athteh #NEVER TRUMP NRO!

  14. I gave up on National Review and Jonah Goldberg after they fired John Derbyshire for speaking the truth about blacks. Both William F Buckley and Russell Kirk wouldn’t recognize most of these neocons today.

  15. Goldberg has been living off of his mother’s reputation his entire career.

    But what has he written of any consequence in say the last 12-15 years.

    I grew up as a liberal. But I remember watching Bill Buckley every weekend, even as a child, and was just amazed out how he would disassemble his opposition. Then I started reading National Review during the Clinton years back when and Free Republic were getting started along with the Federalist listserv (who is now PatriotPost).

    I even named my dog after Bill Buckley and he gives me the same vaguely amused look slouched over the armchair of my couch.

    But Jonah Goldberg and the multi-culti “cons” at NRO have done to Buckley’s legacy what David Gregory and Chuck Todd have done to Tim Russert’s and Meet the Press.

    Which is to say they took a big, wet shit on it’s welcome mat and stomp around on it every time they hit the publish button.

  16. Hey Jonah, maybe you, Kristol, George Will and Ann Coulter should sit in a circle and compare foreskin lengths. That’s all you’re good for.

  17. His poor mom Lucianne (The first website I visited daily!) must be like, “If I would have known he was going to turn out like this I would have aborted his pathetic ass.”

  18. Liberal Fascism was great, but I’ve purged it from my library years ago when he first never-Trumped.

  19. There is no bigger asshole in the known universe than a republican never-Trumper asshole. Everything that could possibly be wrongheaded, cucked, and fucking stupid about a “conservative” is evident in Goldberg. What an asshole. At least Wallace has an excuse. He’s a fucking communist.

  20. All right already Jonah, you proved years ago that you can suck enough, no one doubts it.

  21. A useless liberal never Trumper that is essentially good for nothing. This fat slob couldnt carry Kayleighs notebook. She can also do more pushups.

  22. Who. Cares. What. This. Asshole. Says.

    Goldberg has dumped himself into the bill krystol pile of irrelevant rino excrement.


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