So long, sports — nice knowin’ ya

AmericanThinker: By Richard K. Davis

If you’re already fed up with the repugnant race pandering from sports like NASCAR and the English Premier League, get ready for much worse.  Watching the NBA or NFL will be tantamount to endorsing the loathsome ideology of BLM and Antifa.  Take a knee, sports fan, or take a hike.

I’m choosing the latter.  When I turned on the restart of the EPL to see all teams take the knee while wearing Black Lives Matter on their jerseys, my viewing days were over.  The fake-noose abomination and subsequent race pandering of NASCAR ended that decades-long kinship.

Even watching sport shows has become unbearable, as each commentator, especially the whites, stumbles over the others to prove their undying wokeness.  They hate their knuckle-dragging racist audience even more than the players do.

There may be no crying in baseball, but sports sure has a lot of groveling these days. MORE

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  1. Wait a minute! I want a multi million dollar contract first, because it Would be a bunch of different kinds of “ist”, not to allow a senior white woman to have a chance at that success. The fact that I know nothing about professional sports, and could care less, puts me on par with those whom I had to hire under Affirmative Action.
    So there🤪

  2. …they should just take wokeness to its logical conclusion and force proportional representation on all teams,.

    So no sport can be more than 13% Black, or its racist.

    …sauce for the goose…

  3. Well, ….. Bye.

    Let’s see how you do without White Colored People watching Black Colored People insulting our intelligence as part of the admission price to watch Major League Sports.

  4. I used to really enjoy sports as a diversionary entertainment and a way to enjoy time with my friends. It’s been ruined by political action. I stopped watching the NFL when Kaperjerk started taking a knee. Now I’ll never go back. NBA is off the list too. Baseball ended when the players struck the World Series in the early 90’s.

  5. It will be a joy to see NFL stadiums more empty than they were a couple of years ago with the kneeling crap. Goodell doubling down on stupid.

  6. Sorry, but half of the country is their base and they will be satisfied with those losers as long as they pay the piper and keep them, the masters (owners) and their subjects (players), rich!

  7. @Coach – I was thinking the same thing. Much more fun anyway. When I was growing up, we had Church leagues, where the kids from local Churches – Baptist and Methodists mostly – the Baptist and Methodist Churches were on opposite street corners – the Baptists would invite the Methodists to services and the Methodists would invite the Baptists – but during the summer is was all out war with the youth softball/baseball teams. So much fun. I think there was a comedian who did a routine based on that.

  8. When this horseshit finally comes to ATP tennis, it won’t matter because the carers of my all time favs, Novak, Rafa and Fed will be just about over.

    And when I’m playing, it sure as fuck doesn’t matter.

  9. Groveling and proving your undying wokeness is the new sport. Just need to find a way to keep score.

  10. They’ve always gotten away with this woke crap but with Covid closing their seasons, college sports uncertain for the next year and a lot of bars and restaurants forced to be closed, or only serve outside and many going completely under they aren’t going to be paying for subscriptions on TV sports. When their revenue dries up perhaps they’ll get their minds right. And the NFL certainly should not receive any more federal funding or protected tax status.

  11. I’ve been thinking of watching some little league games but, of course, we can’t have them or everyone would die.

  12. I planned to watch college football but whether the season will even open is uncertain. Except I won’t watch Oklahoma since I hate the way their coach groveled for wearing a OAN shirt. I watch OAN since Fox went leftist. The pros of all sports can carry on without me.

  13. There’s enormous opportunity in this – it’s a good thing.
    Just look at the twitter exodus to and

    Boycott the NFL, NBA or any other seditous Communist China ally, and boycott their idiot representatives like that toad le bron james.

    Money talks, and WE are the IDIOTS who are making millionaires out of people trying to destroy our way of life!

    Find something else to do, or start something. Your life will change for the better.

  14. When the sports arena becomes a political platform I’m done with them. The same goes for musicians and actors.

  15. last time i bought any Yikings gear was in 1999 when Randy Moss was outrunning everyone and Randy Cunningham was tossing him bombs like playing sandlot football. It was amazing. The NFL was a big part of my life, up until krapernik and i banned them, but i allowed them back into my life last season. But as a fan I’ve come to notice that I’m not a big part of their life. I’m not going to sit here and pine for them to notice me, they shit and pissed on me and said they hate my guts. I’m not stupdi, just slow.

  16. I gave up the NFL years ago. After krapdick I banned them from my house. I relented when friends and family were over and allowed them to watch the Super Bowl, although I did not watch. Now with their black national anthem and players kneeling, they’re banned for life.
    Nascar is no longer allowed, NBA has always been ignorant, and college football and basketball continues going farther ignorant and they will no longer be allowed either.

    Maybe though if these idiots keep on playing on interstates the new sport may become human bowling. I guess I should feel some kind of horror or compassion for these women, but these people seem to be killing my compassion. BTW this was a black driver and two white women.

    Info and pictures on driver and women hit at this link.

  17. Proving once again that the current crop of people running corporate America, and the sports and entertainment industry in particular, aren’t nearly as smart as they would like to think they are. They have ridden on the coattails of brands (NFL, NASCAR, MLB, etc.) which were built decades before they ever rose to the top of their careers. And now they have ridden those brands right into the ground.

    Buh-bye sports, it’s been nice knowin ya.

  18. This Texan Has Had Enough, it was Oklahoma State and he got him a million dollar paycut for his shirt. OU has a been a leftist shithole for years, but OSU once was the university the folks on the right sent their kids to, but it’s now nothing but a leftist shithole as well. Gundy though has always been a little pussy, so his groveling never surprised me.
    That’s pretty much what all the universities are becoming, regardless of state.

  19. My husband and his friends cancelled DirecTV’s Red Zone channel and suspended their fantasy football league. I think you’re going to be seeing a lot of that and I can’t wait to watch profits take a nosedive.

  20. @Burr – I think both. You have style points and you have degree of difficulty points. Distance would be style, while height would be difficulty. IMHO

  21. Aaron Burr
    JULY 4, 2020 AT 4:31 PM
    “ORWW….are we going for furthest distance or tallest height?”

    …they covered the scoring system many years ago in the videogame Deathrace 2000, its more about the most hits in the shortest amount of time, with extra points for smaller, faster targets…

  22. Now maybe millions of dads will turn off the TV and go outside and do stuff with their kids on the weekends.

  23. Tony R
    JULY 4, 2020 AT 5:02 PM
    “Now maybe millions of dads will turn off the TV and go outside and do stuff with their kids on the weekends.”

    …if what I’ve seen in the past is prologue, they will indeed do stuff with their kids.

    Get drunk, beat them, and sometimes rape them.

    That’s the WHITE sports-addicted dads.

    The BLACK ones won’t be around either way.

    Mostly, people suck. Some use sports to sublimate and expend their rage by proxy. Take away their vent, the anger is still there.

    …so, instead of getting toasted with his adult buddies at some downtown sports venue where he’ll get his ass kicked if he gets too drunk and stupid, he’s in the living room getting drunk and stupid with nothing to divert his anger. Then the kid breaks something.

    …and brother, you DON’T wanna see the results of what happens next.

    …wish I never did…

  24. Height does look super cool, but I think you’re only gonna get that with sedans. Vehicles with angled hoods and windshields. Trucks and flat fronted vehicles would achieve the greatest forward distance with little height.

    Obviously, a rainbow trajectory that covers both height and distance would be optimal.

    We’ll just have to keep practicing until we get it right.

  25. I gave up nba years ago and nfl in ’17. I may be giving up college sports this year.

    Down to high school sports and if they start the crap, i’ll have no prob saying goodbye to all sports. Looks like pga may be going leftard this year, too.

  26. The Calgary Stampede is a counterfeit PC goat rodeo. My instincts tell me PBR is headed that way, their CEO came from NASCAR.

    Clay Oval Winged Sprint Car races are untouched by the bullshit and Indian Relay are solid. Most rodeos are solid.

    Our spectator sports are pretty much unaffected by this bullshit so far.

  27. Aaron Burr, that is true, so I’d always lose because I don’t own a sedan, just trucks, SUV and RV. Not sure with a diesel pusher RV if could get any distance or height, might just be splatter.

  28. Diehard football fans are glued to their sofas watching college ball on Saturdays and NFL on Sunday and a couple of additional nights through the week, then there is HS football Friday nights. Given that each game takes 4 hours to get through, that could add up to say 10 games at 4 hours each = 40 hours. That’s a lot of time to spend/waste on a sport.

    In its favor, its a good excuse to ignore those items on the “Honey Do” list, for any guy that can get away with it.

  29. …for those debating scoring on the highway, I remind you that there’s an awful LOT of them, and there’s not TIME to worry about style in the initial outings.

    …althogh IF something extra-messy happen, it really SHOULD be published as a warning to others, maybe BFH can flip you a couple iOTW bucks or somethin’…

  30. I got this vw bus. Has the spare tire on front. I’m planning on attempting the chip shot. Roll up on the protesters, hit the brakes right before impact so the front dives down. That way the spare tire will get a lil’ under the target and sort of pop her/him/it up and back.

    The f100 I figure I’ll just fishtail so the back end swings around like a hockey goalie stick sweeping multiple pucks away.

  31. The ironic thing about this political wokeness in sports is that the people who they are pandering to don’t care a whit about sports.


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