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So Many Jokes For This One…

…All of them dirty.

Jokes aside, this was a nifty move.

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  2. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    Must be a Slick Clinton move……curved.

  3. Loco, what the DC metro cops, and the PG cops called DWO.

  4. Fake news.

    The BIG ones are Black.

  5. “front end swing, rear wheel cheat”

    Driving 101

  6. She get mad when you switch holes without warning.

  7. I thought that it was going to be about the WienerMobile.

    I used to have a mobile wiener, but it no longer roams.

  8. Things like THIS are why I’m into transportation.

  9. DWO, Driving While Oriental. It’s a very serious crime.

  10. Joe Biden will say he was the driver, or he did similar moves when he “drove” trucks, if he was shown this.

  11. Him: Can I stick my finger in your belly button?

    Her: Yes.

    Her: Thats not my belly button.

    Him: That’s not my finger.

  12. Was the roadway designed to allow for that or was it the result of blind luck? It sounds like it’s going under a racetrack so it was probably designed to allow the transporters to get.

    Where I live, we get to pay multiple times for design, engineering and construction because they screw it up so bad the first time. Traffic all bottled up trying to get out of shopping areas because they have unqualified people involved and not just the first time.

  13. Great driver.
    Whoever was driving that car is a good driver too. They were smart enough to not challenge a tractor tailer.

    When I saw the OM wiener mobile on the front page I thought someone from New England caught it doing something. It drove past me the other day up here.

  14. So, how did the truck get out of the tunnel on the other side?

  15. I heard recently that Oscar Meyer was thinking of changing the name of the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile to that of the Frank (as in frankfurter) mobile. Frankly, I think that’s a stupid idea. Oh, I wish to be an Oscar Meyer weiner and change the name of the Weiner mobile to the Frank mobile, NOT! Can you imagine a Frank weiner mobile Oscar Mayer whistle as a premium giveaway, I can’t. This is truly a Frankenstein, go woke, go broke dumbass idea. Frankly, my dear I do give a damn, don’t change the name of the Weiner mobile.

  16. geoff the aardvark AT 8:57 AM

    Went to school with the kid who sang the jingle. His old man was in advertising and wrote the jingle and got paid twice by getting his kid involved.

    Trout Valley was the higher end subdivision (Cary, IL) if you want to call it a subdivision where the “Swells” lived. Believe it’s now its own “Village.”

  17. Ghost of Burner: after it got through in the tunnel it got smaller and kinda just fell out.

  18. @Geoff the aardvark – I think The Rocky Horror Picture Show might have a patent. Just saying

  19. The driver smoked a cigarette on the other side.

  20. lurker AT 12:34 PM
    “Ghost of Burner: after it got through in the tunnel it got smaller and kinda just fell out.”

    It would only do that AFTER it delivered its load.


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