So Much For Al Gore’s Ice-Free Arctic Prediction

ONN: It has been over a decade since former Vice President Al Gore predicted that in five to seven years, there would be no ice in the Arctic because of global warming, but ice still covers the polar region 10 years later.

Before a German audience on December 13, 2008, the self-proclaimed climate change expert unleashed his warning before Christmas that the North Pole would be completely devoid of ice – meaning Santa would have to change out his sleigh for a cart.


13 Comments on So Much For Al Gore’s Ice-Free Arctic Prediction

  1. He meant 5-7 years from NOW you sillies. Just like the sign in the bar: ‘Free Beer Tomorrow’, tomorrow never comes.

  2. You don’t have to be correct to shill and take peoples’ money.
    People just have to be more gullible than you are shameless.

    No matter how many times he’s proved wrong, there are thousands of schmucks who’ll send him money.
    How many times has socialism failed?

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. But the polar bears are dying!

    Wait. Huh? You mean they’re fine?


    Okay, here’s the gotcha! 90% of the old ice is gone, according to a recent NOAA study. See, he’s right!! He’s right!!

    Huh? You’re saying he’s wrong? But he’s never wrong!!!11!!000110101!!

  4. How did that suppression of 400,000 servicemen’s votes go for ya’, Algae?

    Go back and count the votes again – maybe you’ll still “win.” 🙄


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