So my dog is safe in this scenario?

I overheard Ben Shapiro talking about some pro-abortion tweet that went viral on Twitter. Basically, the snarky pro-abortion person tried to make the case that unborn children don’t deserve legal protections because people have a moral intuition to save a 5-year-old instead of an embryo, if they can only choose one. The best response to this dilemma comes from Robert George, professor at Princeton University...
We agree that considering the case as described by Sandel, most people in Jones’s circumstances would choose to rescue the girl. However, this by no means shows that human embryos are not human beings or that they may be deliberately killed to produce stem cells, or in an abortion...’ [more at internal link]‘”


h/t redirection of focus

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  1. I’d still save the dog. Just sayen. My chose is push a 5 year old out of oncoming traffic or swim up a Uterus to save an embryo. This scenario is wearing me out. I’m old.

  2. Little Benny is a damn X’s and O’s freaken human computer with no human experience. 63%of the time I love the guy. The balance I want to throttle him. Little Benny has never been out in the private sector scrapping like us common folk. I’ve grown to hate the little Jewish poor excuse for a hat he wears. Little Benny is a freaken wicked smart guy. He should take a year off his bull shit and go get a job in a God Damn machine shop and then talk to us. He’s quite often off the mark for most of us.

  3. I thought Little Benny was the name of your dog at first. I couldn’t figure out what the heck you were trying to say. You only like your dog 63% of the time? I figured it out eventually.

  4. I hate these stoopid “what if, either/or, choose one, moral dilemma” scenarios. Given my choice, I’d shoot the person asking the stoopid question.

  5. Who the hell comes up with these scenarios, anyway?

    From an Army psychological test:

    Would you rather:

    A. Save a drowning buddy,


    B. Defend the United States of America

    Screw the perverts who think up this crap!

  6. Shapiro’s name is all over this. I’m not going to lie. I kinda enjoyed when the Tranny was going to beat his ass and he spotted. Little benny better figure out the balance of power and exactly who’s freaken side he’s on.

  7. I guess BOTH isn’t a proper response.

    It’s a false choice.

    Would you rather die peacefully in your bed or violently at the hands of BLM? Answer? Neither. I prefer not to die at all.

  8. I would save both the embryo and the 5 year old child. They are both worthy of equal protection since they were made in the image of God. And as much as I like dogs, I’d still do my best to protect a dog, but dogs can be replaced and people both unborn and born can’t. I gave up trying to understand pro aborts when I was rescuing back in the 90’s since they won’t listen to any reason whatsoever as far as abortion is concerned. They literally have a death wish that can’t be satiated by anything but more abortions and the death and destruction of more innocent lives and nothing will dissuade them from this except for a revelation from God about the how every life is worth living without exception.

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